Instructions for booking your tour with your LivingSocial Voucher Code. It’s pretty simple if you follow the tips below. If you don’t it can be a frustrating experience that is only compounded by our lack of sympathy when you call. :) We will try to help though! (If you read our FAQ section, you’ll find that we are quite sarcastic.)

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1. You will need your voucher code from LivingSocial (It’s the code that looks like LS82674, just FYI that is an L not an I, you may also have a different 2 letter combination)

2. You can only book one ticket at a time. So, if you have 2 or 3 vouchers, you will have to complete the checkout 2 or 3 times. We encourage you to use your friends name and email, so they can check in if you aren’t there and get any updates.

3.  Once you click to your city and you are ready to book, you will click the date on our calendar and then see the available time slots and locations.

4. Click Book Now on the time slot and then you will see the Date and Quantity. DON’T CLICK CONTINUE. Click Apply promo code or voucher. Now paste in your voucher code from LivingSocial. It will either say Invalid or Applied to Final Balance. If invalid, check that your date is before your expiration and that you entered LS and the number. Still can’t figure it out, skip to #7. If applied to final balance click CONTINUE.

5. No need to select a quantity of Koozies on this page. We know you have a LivingSocial and a Koozie will be provided to you when you check in.

6. Once you enter your information, you will see it say reserved and a copy has been emailed to you. In reality, a human checks your order to make sure there are no errors. It can take anywhere from a minute to a day or two. We try to confirm people that have tours very soon as opposed to if you book something 2 months out.

7. Problems??? Well sometimes we make mistakes…. Very rare, but it happens. Best way to reach us is to just shoot us a quick note, Email Link. This really is the quickest way!! Another way is to call 8-Ghost-Tour, sometimes you get us, sometimes you don’t! We run a pub tour company, we drink a lot, so we aren’t always around the phone. We do all have access to email all the time, so try it and be amazed if we respond in a minute or disappointed if it takes a day.

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