Dining Options Near Our DC Tours

We are constantly asked by email and phone if there is anywhere to eat before you come on one of our magical tours. So, in an effort to give our customer service ghosts a break and to allow them to sample more “spirits” around the office, we have employed a special person to provide you with that she feels is the best options around all of our tours.

Our Grub Guide for Washington DC:

Chef Whitney is our local food critic, she has been a DC local for the last 10 years and has been a culinary instructor at Sur la Table. While most of our guides prefer a Red Coat and Five Guys, she has a more refined pallet, so she was the only one we trusted to write this section. Want more options or looking for guidance on dining choices in the area?

Chef Whitney can be reached at ChefWhitney@NightlySpirits.com.

White House Pub Tour:

Founding Farmers: $$$
I like this for several reasons, but the daily popcorn options are a great appetizer option. My favorite dinner option is the skirt steak at Founding Farmers. It’s a hard to find dish and even harder to find cooked perfectly, but they do it!

Georgia Browns: $$
This place is well known for their famous brunch that feeds you twice in one day, with their to go meal when you finish eating their endless buffet. The dinner menu has some winners as well! The fried green tomatoes are the best I’ve ever had and they come with a creamy goat cheese filling on top of the tomato, then its fried and served with a tomato relish. Can’t go wrong with the shrimp ‘n’grits either!

District of Pi : $
I will probably catch some heat from this because we are sure to have New Yorkers and Chi-Towners that love their pizzas and this is on the verge of a $$, but it is worth visiting. They have a great pizza and beer selection here and can accommodate small and large groups. Order your pizza however you like it!

Capitol Hill Pub Tour:

Senarts DC: $$$
It has a really cool marble bar, but it’s a little small and if you like oysters, I hear they are great (can’t say I’m a fan, unless they are in shooter format). For you meat lovers, you can get a prime rib the size of your head. Go light on lunch so you have room for this place!

Ted’s Bulletin: $$
Best feature is the refrigerated case when you walk in, let’s you pick out your dessert before dinner. Also, for those of you big kids out there looking for an adult beverage, you’ve picked the right place. Adult milkshakes! You might want to make sure that you don’t wait until after your tour for this place. The brunch lines can be quite extended for their food, usually over an hour…

Hanks Oyster Bar: $$
This place has an old fashioned bar that serves up great seasonal cocktails, super fresh seafood and a friendly staff. Tired of bread??, This is your place then, no appetizer of bread for you, instead they bring you a bowl of cheddar goldfish to munch on. Oh, and if you’ve stuffed yourself with too much seafood and just need a bit of sweet, they give you shards of dark chocolate when they give you the check. Strongly suggest reservations. There are also locations in Alexandria, and DuPont.

We The Pizza: $
Owned by celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn from Top Chef Season 4. This place is serving up pizza by the slice to a lot of happy customers, including the president’s family. They have quite the variety and it’s quick, in case you forgot the tours start promptly. Not in the mood for pizza? He also owns Good Stuff Eatery next door that is serving up fresh burgers, fries and shakes. Your group can also get a meal from each place and then still sit together, as they don’t frown upon bringing one meal from one restaurant to the other.

Old Town Pub Tour:

Virtue: $$$
Virtue is located really close to our starting line. We think they have a really great atmosphere that is perfect if you want a pre-tour cocktail as well as some pretty good grub. Make sure you try the I.P.A Mac and cheese! Reservations are highly reccomended.

Fish Market: $$
Many of you are going to think seafood and probably book Chart House on the water. However, this little gem has much better food and you can eat at a Landry’s restaurant anytime, so skip the Chart House. The spiced shrimp are some of the best I have ever had and are well known in the area. I also highly recommend the Po’ Boy and if you can make it for happy hour, you will love your wallet with huge schooner beers and cheap apps.

Bugsy Pizza: $
Notice a theme of Pizza shops? We like pizza, so we like to keep one option on the list for all the locations. This place has pretty decent pizza at a reasonable price. It is also near the starting line, so if you are shorter on time, I would go here for a quicker bite before the tour.