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10 Must-Do Experiences in New Orleans

New Orleans is an incredible city with a rich culture and vibrant history. From the historic architecture to the bustling nightlife, there’s always something to explore in the Big Easy. Whether you’re looking for classic tourist attractions or unique experiences, here are 10 must-do things to do when visiting New Orleans.

  1. Take a Tour of the French Quarter. One of the most iconic areas of New Orleans, The French Quarter is a great place to start your visit. Take a tour of this charming neighborhood and learn all about its rich history while admiring its beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, and quaint shops.
  2. Visit Jackson Square Park. Located in the heart of The French Quarter, Jackson Square Park is an iconic location that has been featured in countless movies and TV shows over the years. This park is home to several historic monuments as well as performing artists who add to its unique atmosphere.
  3. Have Dinner at Antoine’s Restaurant. Established in 1840, Antoine’s Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans and it has become a tradition for many locals and tourists alike. Be sure to try their famous Oysters Rockefeller dish!
  4. Go Shopping on Magazine Street. If shopping is your thing, then be sure to check out Magazine Street which runs from downtown up into Uptown New Orleans and offers plenty of unique shops selling everything from souvenirs to clothing and antiques!
  5. Visit Mardi Gras World (or go during Mardi Gras!). Mardi Gras World offers visitors an up close look at how floats are made for this famous annual event as well as offering fun activities like face painting and live music performances! If you can make it during Mardi Gras season, be sure not to miss out on this incredible experience!
  6. Take a Nightly Spirits Tour Through the City’s Many Cemeteries & Haunted Areas: Get ready for some spooky thrills when you take a nighttime tour through some of New Orleans’ most haunted cemeteries and bars! Learn about local ghost stories while exploring these sites with your knowledgeable guide! It’s an experience like no other!
  7. See Jazz Music Live at Preservation Hall: Preservation Hall has been around since 1961 when it first opened its doors as a jazz club dedicated to preserving traditional jazz music styles such as Dixieland jazz and swing music among others! Enjoy live music with talented musicians while taking in this historical venue that has been around for decades!
  8. Grab Some Beignets at Cafe du Monde: You haven’t truly experienced New Orleans until you’ve had beignets at Cafe du Monde! This iconic cafe located near Jackson Square Park has been serving up delectable treats since 1862 – so don’t miss out on trying these delicious pastries!
  9. Hit Up Frenchmen Street for Live Music: Looking for live music? Look no further than Frenchmen Street – home to countless bars featuring live bands playing everything from blues, jazz, funk, zydeco, soul & more genres than we can name here! So grab some friends & head on down for some toe-tapping tunes & drinks galore!
  10. Take a Tour of Historic Plantations: If you’re looking for something educational & interesting during your stay in NOLA then be sure to take a tour of one or several nearby plantations – each one offering insight into what life was like back before modern times & amazing views that will take your breath away every time!

No matter what kind of adventure you’re seeking while visiting New Orleans – whether it’s checking out historical sites or hitting up lively bars – there’s something available for everyone here no matter what your age or interests may be – so get out there & explore all that the Big Easy has to offer today -you won’t regret it once you get here!!

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