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15 Real-Life Horror Stories From Ghost Tours

15 Real-Life Horror Stories From Ghost Tours

If you’re looking for a good scare, taking a ghost tour is the perfect way to get your horror fix. While most ghost tours end without incident, there have been some real-life horror stories that surfaced from visitors who experienced something truly terrifying on their adventures. Here are 15 real-life horror stories that happened on ghost tours.

  1. A police officer in England was on a ghost tour when he heard screams coming from an abandoned building nearby. He investigated and found two young girls inside. It turns out they were part of a local cult and they were performing rituals inside the building!
  2. A woman in Scotland was touring an old castle when she saw what appeared to be a headless figure standing in the corner of one of the rooms. When she screamed, it vanished!
  3. In France, a group of friends went on a ghost tour through an old cemetery at night time and one of them felt someone tugging on his shirt from behind. When he turned around, no one was there!
  4. While touring an old mansion in Ireland, a man heard mysterious tapping noises coming from inside one room but no one else seemed to notice them. He decided to investigate and found that the windows were open despite being closed before – like something had opened them!
  5. During a visit to an old castle in Germany, a woman heard strange voices whispering her name as she walked through its corridors at night time – only nobody else was around!
  6. A family visiting an old house in Italy were checking out its basement when they heard strange banging sounds coming from behind one wall – like someone was trying to break out! They quickly ran away but no one ever found out what made those noises…
  7. On a ghost tour through an old church in Wales, people reported seeing strange figures walking through its corridors at night time – but when they looked closer it turned out to be nothing more than shadows cast by the moonlight outside!
  8. At an old abbey in Scotland, visitors reported hearing moans and cries coming from within its walls – but when they searched for the source, all they found was empty air…
  9. While visiting an ancient ruin in England, several visitors reported feeling as though something invisible grabbed their arms or legs while walking past certain spots – even though nobody else around could feel anything!
  10. During a visit to an old castle in Ireland, some people reported hearing footsteps following them around its grounds even though nobody else seemed to hear them…
  11. At an abandoned hospital in France, visitors reported seeing strange figures moving around its corridors at night time – even though it had been closed down for decades prior!
  12. On a midnight tour of an old cathedral in Germany, some people felt cold hands grab their shoulders as if somebody unseen wanted their attention…
  13. During a visit to an abandoned mine in Wales, several people reported seeing glowing eyes staring at them from within its depths – even though no living creature could have survived down there for so long…
  14. At dusk during a visit to an ancient ruin in Italy , some people noticed dark shapes darting between the shadows as if watching their every move…
  15. On tour of cemetery near London , visitors saw small orbs floating near tombstones – like somebody unseen wanted their attention !

All these supernatural experiences are sure enough to give you goosebumps and make you think twice about going on your next ghost tour! But if fear isn’t your thing then why not go with friends? Chances are high that none of these horror stories will happen again but better safe than sorry right? So go ahead and check out our recommendations for your next spooky adventure! Who knows what mysteries await you?

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