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About Nightly Spirits

The magic of Nightly Spirits started in 2012. We were 2 guys that didn’t know a whole lot about history, tours, or ghosts for that matter, but we knew we were sick of taking people that came to visit us on the same tours of Washington, DC. So, finally after getting busted (by the fun police, not the actual police) on a Segway tour for indulging in some spirits while operating a Segway.

We decided there had to be something better to do, and there was! We started by researching the requirements to open a tour company in Washington, DC, which would scare most people, but since we had a lifetime ban from touring on the Segway’s, we had to push forward.

It took us almost a year of studying for a tour guide exam, researching ghost stories, history stories, and finally sampling the spirits along the way to what inevitably would become the White House tour. We originally started operating one tour a week on Saturdays and our first tour was quite the event. We sold 2 tickets, so you talk about awkward for the guide and the guests. So, one of the owners had a great idea, “Make his girlfriend (now wife) act like she was on a date with his roommate,” so the guests wouldn’t feel so weird and think what the heck did I book. It worked out great and we have been nonstop ever since.

Since 2012, we expanded operations in DC and in 2014 opened tours in Denver and Charlotte. The owners still haven’t quit their day jobs, but they hope one day to be able to spirit hunt full time.