About Nightly Spirits

The magic of Nightly Spirits started in 2012. We were 2 roommates that didn’t know a whole lot about tours and had been working in the private sector of D.C. since graduating from college. One thing we had in common that made us great roommates was our love of the paranormal. We had been on a lot of ghost tours around the country, but found them to be widely different in experience and entertainment. So, we set out to create a better tour that could be enjoyed by the super ghost hunters, casual believers, or non-believers.

We did originally try to do it while using Segways, but apparently it is frowned upon to indulge in “spirit” hunting while riding those things, so we decided to not give another company a story about two ghost hunters killed on a Segway hunting for ghosts. It took us almost a year of studying for a tour guide exam, researching ghost stories, history stories, and finally sampling the spirits along the way to what inevitably would become the White House tour. We originally started operating one tour a week on Saturdays and our first tour was quite the event. We sold a whopping 2 tickets! So, one of the owners had a great idea, “Make his girlfriend (now wife) act like she was on a date with his roommate,” so the guests wouldn’t feel so weird and think what the heck did I book.

Since 2012, we expanded operations in DC and in 2014 opened tours in Denver for our second location. In 2014 it was decided that we would move operations from Washington D.C. to Denver, Colorado. It turned out to be a great move and Denver turned into one of our best tours. Since the launch of our second city, Nightly Spirits has expanded to more than 10 cities and tours thousands of people per year.  We are actively working to add more and more cities to our offerings, so that we can quit our day jobs and go full time ghost hunting. However, until then we have put together a great staff in every city and most of our guides have worked for us for years and have some paranormal experiences that we never could have imagined when we started this company.