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The Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South – Part V

The Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South PART FIVE-THE FINAL DESTINATIONS   We have almost come full circle on our Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South. It’s time to leave New Orleans behind and hopefully, none of the spirits have attached themselves to you so they can be left behind too! We just have two more overnight destinations, but the scares are plentiful, so buckle up for your last ride. *maniacal laugh* Myrtles Plantation  Louisiana hauntings are not restricted to New Orleans. In fact, one of the most haunted plantations in the country is located about 26 miles

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The Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South – Part IV

The Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South PART IV- The Big Easy (yes, New Orleans gets its own part!) Welcome back to our Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South! It is time for the most haunted city in the country. It is time to drink and scare yourself silly. It is time for New Orleans, baby! HAUNTED NEW ORLEANS, LA You can hardly walk down one of New Orleans’ historic streets without feeling transported in time. This city is full of spiritual energy and the historic French Quarter is the epicenter of unexplained phenomena. With three hundred years

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The Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South – Part III

The Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South PART THREE-Thick Southern Drawl Welcome back to our Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South! We left Part Two in Savannah and our next overnight stop will be in Atlanta, GA. HAUNTED MACON, GA The quaint little town of Macon, GA cannot be overlooked on the Ultimate Haunted Road Trip of the South. Its about two and a half hours of driving, so we may as well stop in at Michael’s on Mulberry for a great lunch special, and you’ll find yourself sandwiched between two haunted hot spots. (haha!) Grand Opera House

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The creepy Sulphur Springs water tower

The Creepy Sulphur Springs Water Tower

Tampa, Florida is a ghost-hunting dream town. Pockets of historical areas are littered about the city, ready for exploration. The area is filled with mysterious happenings and eerie sights to witness. One of these spots happens to be at an otherwise unassuming water tower. Five miles north of downtown Tampa sits the historic area of Sulphur Springs. The quiet neighborhood used to draw visitors to enjoy its serene mineral springs in the late 1800s. Now, the area is also known for another historical landmark. Towering above the swaying palm trees off Florida’s Interstate 275 is a stunning white structure. The

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Haunted Comfort Station in St. Petersburg

The Comfort Station in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is an amazing city to explore. One of the many beautiful cities in the Tampa Bay area, it’s got something to offer everyone. From restaurants and shopping to recreational activities, St. Petersburg is bursting with things to do. It’s also full of culture, history, and even mystery. Since being founded in 1888, St. Petersburg has collected a long list of stories and seen its fair share of tragedies. It’s also had many buildings with stunning architecture pop up within its borders. One of the most interesting of these buildings is The Comfort Station Number One. If you want

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haunted parks near tampa

Haunted Parks Around Tampa

Tampa is a beautiful city with stunning landscapes. The tropical climate makes it one of the best locations to spend time outside. Luckily, the number of parks around the city makes it easy to enjoy the great Tampa outdoors. However, some trying to enjoy a day at the park have gotten more than they bargained for. Picnics and play-dates have led to unexpected ghost sightings. Many park-goers have eerie stories to tell about their experiences at these Tampa area locations.  If you want to take a Tampa ghost story tour, click here. Rowlett Park Along the Hillsborough River sits the

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myrtle hill cemetary in tampa

Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Tampa

The city of Tampa located in Florida is just the place to be, what with the beautiful fauna and flora. Not to mention the skyline of downtown Tampa that is just simply breathtaking. The whole area is filled with many many businesses, restaurants, and landmarks that will always have a place in history. Touring the variety of things that Tampa has to offer will create opportunities for entertainment that goes unmatched. Incorporated as a town in 1855, Tampa has never stopped developing and growing and consequently became the wonderful, sprawling city that it is today. Over those years, more and

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The Don CeSar Hotel in Tampa

The Don CeSar Hotel in Tampa

Tampa, Florida is a popular vacation destination, and for good reason, sun, sand, and sea tourists to its shores all year long. There is no shortage of luxury hotels and resorts, perfect for unwinding in Tampa. Miles of beaches are available to explore.   If sun and surf aren’t quite adventurous enough, there is a surprising haunted history in the Tampa area. Travelers seeking a little more fright while on vacation may consider an elegant, decadent, and haunted hotel, such as the Don CeSar Hotel in Tampa.   Set on the shoreline of Saint Pete, near the Gulf, the “pink

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The Haunted City of Ybor, Florida

5 Haunted Places In Ybor City Near Tampa

Ybor City, near Tampa, was founded in 1890, rooted in cigar manufacturing, the city flourished for many years. Boasting a diverse population and influence from several cultures, Ybor City is a vibrant destination for vacations.   A trip to Ybor City offers a variety of things to do. Visitors can explore the history of the city, find adventure in the sea, or relax in one of the many hotels.   For those who enjoy their vacations on the spooky side, there is a haunted side of Ybor City found in the most unexpected places. Hotels, beaches, bars, and breweries, all

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The Haunted Florida Brewing Company

The Florida Brewery Company in Tampa

The Tampa area is known for its optimal weather and ideal geographical position. It’s booming economy and wide range of attractions just add to its appeal. Throughout the history of Florida, it’s been the hotspot of change and transformation in the state. One of those historical events was the birth of the state’s first brewery. The Florida Brewery Company stands tall on East 5th Street with the American flag proudly standing atop it blowing in the humid southern breeze. As part of the interesting and diverse landscape of Ybor City, the building is both impressive in its size and its

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