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Boston’s Haunted Inns and Hotels

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The harbor city of Boston has been a popular destination since the beginning of our country. For centuries, travelers have visited the city on a quest for adventure or on their way to doing business. Unfortunately, some of these travelers have never left. 

Boston has inns and hotels scattered across the city. Many of them have been the site of many reported unexplainable sights and sounds. These historic buildings have been the scene of years of tragedy, history, and mystery.  

Some have been converted and renovated. Others have taken on new uses. However, they all have something in common. All of them have guests that may have never checked out. 

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The Haunted Pilot House in Boston

Sitting on the harbor in Lewis Wharf is the old Pilot House. Formerly an inn, the building is known as one of the most haunted spots in all of Boston. From drunken sailors to a mysterious woman, the building is full of spiritual sounds and sightings. 

A visit to this building can prove eerie as sounds from the past linger in the old rooms. Will you spot the infamous Lady in White? Perhaps you’ll hear the typical sounds of sailors enjoying some downtime after a long day out at sea.   

The Lady In White

One of the most infamous ghosts spotted at The Pilot House is The Lady in White. She’s been spotted many times in the first-floor kitchen of the property. It has been said that her image is glowing. After a few seconds, her transparent image seems to simply dissipate into thin air. 

Is this an image of a former inn employee? Could it be a mysterious wife or mistress searching for her seafaring lover? Either way, she seems compelled to hang out in the kitchen, cooking for the sailors passing through. 

Other Spooky Activity

Others that have visited the property have experienced other mysterious happenings. The sounds of the past seem trapped within the walls of The Pilot House. The former inn is harboring a notorious history that can’t seem to escape. 

The familiar sounds of men partying have been heard inside the building. Clanking glasses from long-ago cheers echo within the walls. Men chatting as they play cards have been heard along with their cheerful laughter. 

Ominous sounds have also been heard inside The Pilot House. Mysteriously, doors have been slammed shut in empty rooms. Heavy footsteps have also been heard stomping about, perhaps angry over a lost card game. 

The History of The Pilot House

The Pilot House dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Built in 1839, it was situated on Lewis Wharf, a popular stopping point for ship captains and sailors to stop along their journey. The inn was established to provide them with a place to sleep for the night. 

Of course, these seafarers had a penchant for drinking and partying. They quickly made the inn a hotspot for drunken brawls and boisterous card games. The inn eventually closed, but not before it saw a fair share of antics.

The Seafarer’s Lifestyle

During the 19th century, making a living on the water was a popular occupation. However, the job was tough and often treacherous, creating a need for sailors to unwind. This led to a lifestyle of partying, drinking, and gambling. 

Many of those stopping in the Boston area chose The Pilot House and other inns like it as a setting to let loose. This led to these inns becoming more like taverns. The establishments eventually became witness to many a drunken brawl and an occasional tragedy. 

The Haunted Charlesgate Hotel in Boston

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The Charlesgate Hotel sits in the Back Bay on the corner of Beacon Street and Charlesgate East. The beautiful building soars above the trees with its intriguing architecture details and colorful facade. Inside, mystery awaits and many eerie incidents have occurred to earn this building the title of one of Boston’s most haunted spots. 

The Ghost of Emma

Legend has it that a young girl lived in the hotel during the early days after its construction. One day, little Emma was playing with a ball in the hallway. The ball rolled down the open elevator shaft and poor Emma chased it. She tragically lost her balance and fell down the shaft to her death. 

Since her death, Emma has been spotted wandering the halls by many residents. Searching aimlessly for her ball, she walks up and down the hallways. The poor girl can’t seem to shake the need for her favorite possession that led to her tragically early death. 

A String of Suicides

In 1908, Westwood Windram took up residency in the hotel. He suffered from severe insomnia and turned to extreme measures to relieve it. One night, unable to sleep, he shot himself in the head while his wife was in the next room. 

Many believe that suicide continued within the walls of the Charlesgate. During the Great Depression, when suicide rates were at an all-time high, many residents felt unshakable despair. It’s rumored that many of these residents desperately took their own lives in their apartments at the Charlesgate. 

With all of this death and despair, it’s no wonder the hotel is a hotbed of paranormal activity. These tortured souls are likely unable to escape the tragedy that took their lives. Many of them stay in the Charlesgate, frustrated with their fates. 

Strange Occurrences

Years later, the hotel would become a dormitory. Students were unexpectedly in for much more than the typical college experience. They were unknowingly living in one of Boston’s most haunted buildings

Students would be wakened by the sounds of doors slamming and footsteps in their rooms. Many reported hearing mysterious music playing or alarms going off for no reason. In the bathrooms, lights flickered and toilets would flush completely on their own. 

The History of the Charlesgate Hotel 

Originally, the hotel was built in 1901. The Romanesque Revival style building stood tall on the block. It attracted many guests and residents with its beautiful architecture and large bay windows overlooking the river. 

Then, in 1947, it became a female dormitory for Boston College. This is when the paranormal sightings began to take place until the school sold the building in 1973. Emerson College purchased it in 1981 to use it as a dormitory. Again, the young college students were terrified by the eerie happenings with the walls.  

The dorms were later renovated and turned into luxury condos. The haunted building is now full of highly sought after residences. However, buyers of these condos might be in for much more than they are bargaining for. 

The Haunted Liberty Hotel in Boston

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Prisoners quarters turned luxury hotel, what could go wrong? It’s no wonder that The Liberty Hotel is an epicenter of paranormal activity. A stay at this renovated hotel could prove equally eerie and exciting. 

Eerie Experiences

Guests and employees alike have had eerie encounters at the hotel. Strange noises and sightings are reported often. Many wonder if they are amongst the inmates that are still haunting the building.

Many employees have heard the sound of banging in the hotel’s kitchen. They’ve seen former employees from the prison appear before them in uniform. They’ve even heard mysterious voices yelling out of nowhere. 

Guests at the hotel have been awakened by the feeling of someone watching them. They’ve seen mysterious images in guest room mirrors and have heard cell doors clanking. The echoes of this imprisoned their still float through the renovated walls. 

The History of The Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel formerly housed inmates of The Charles Street Jail. Some of Boston’s most notorious criminals have resided within the thick, stone walls. It served as a prison from the mid-1800s until 1990.

In 2007, the hotel underwent a massive renovation. Embracing its prison history, the luxury accommodations feature jail theme decor. Now, the 298-room hotel welcomes guests to enjoy its amenities like restaurants, bars, and possible paranormal activity. 

Exploring Boston Haunts

The rich history of Boston makes it a prime location to search for eerie activity. Many find it without even looking for it. Being in the right place at the right time can earn a supernatural encounter. 

You can check out The Pilot House for a chance to hear the seafarers of the past. Purchasing a condo at the Charlesgate is a chance to own a piece of history. A luxurious stay at The Liberty Hotel may put you face to face with one the forever prisoners still locked up there. One thing is for sure, Boston’s inns and hotels have plenty of stories to tell.

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