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One of our former haunted pages

Turn around, nothing to see here, just look at the cities, this is a super old page!

Our famous slap koozies are the best way to drink in style and only $5 BUCKS!!

No matter if you are enjoying your drink from a pint glass, can, bottle, or shot glass, our Slap Koozies go on them all! Protect your drink temperature from that 98.6 degree hand of yours and get yourself the coolest thing coming to this tour.

Questions and Order Info Below:

Why would I want a koozie? Outside of they are freaking sweet?! Every now and then even the manliest of men want a pink drink. Always a Judgment Free Zone with one of our koozies!!

Why Camo Koozies? Well sometimes those pesky things we call drinking laws get in the way of you having fun. So, we know for your future adventures, younger going to want to keep that drink undercover. Nothing hides a drink like camouflage!

Nightly spirits - koozie - 1

What is a Koozie? Oh Boy! Well, have you ever seen those things that people sometimes put on their beer where they hold it? It’s an insulator to keep your hand from warming your beer. You do know you booked a haunted ghost tour pub crawl right??

What is a Slap Koozie? See koozie definition above and add the following: You remember being a kid and people had those slap bracelets that people would slap on their wrist and it would wrap itself around? Same concept, except it is in your kookie. So, just slap on your drink and it wraps itself to your drink!

Do you ship these? You will have the option to have these shipped to you or you can get it the night of your tour.

Order Info:

If you want this delivered the day of your tour, make sure you put the last name of your reservation and date of your tour when checking out!

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