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Nightly Spirits Washington DC Ghost Tour Pub Crawl

The Best Ghost Tour in Washington D.C.

So, you’re looking for the best ghost tour in Washington DC or perhaps even the best overall tour in DC. You’ve researched tours, read reviews, and are still trying to figure out what all you can fit into your time in D.C.. Well, rest assured our D.C. ghost tour pub crawl is a can’t miss tour. This tour has been featured in the Washington Post, CBS News, Travel Channel, and US Airways magazine. We have continuously run this tour year round for more than 6 years with some tweaks here and there to make your ghost tour experience unforgettable. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is our starting location. Our D.C. Ghost tour starts at one of our favorite bars in D.C., the Occidental Grill, which has been known for many years as the place where statesmen dine.

The Experience

So, you are close to booking our ghost tour or maybe you already booked it and now you are looking for some insider tips on how to have a great time on our Washington DC ghost tour pub crawl. You can expect the tour to last about 2.5 hours, average around 15 people(can be larger in October), visit ~3 bars after you leave the #OccidentalgrillDC, and overall have a great time.

Tip 1. When you arrive at the Occidental, it is up the stairs through the pillars between the Willard and the W Hotel.

Tip 2. Walk in like you own the place and meet your costumed tour guide inside the bar. You’d be surprised how many calls we get at the start time from people standing outside the bar asking where the guide is and they’ve been waiting for 15 minutes. Don’t be shy come on in and get some liquid courage to see some “spirits”

What to Drink

Ok, so to get to what we think you should get at the Occidental, we need to give you a back story on our favorite bartender on the tour. Mike(as seen in the pictures) has been at the Occidental for 26 years. He makes a fabulous Old Fashioned, as well as some simple yet elegant martinis.

Tip 3. Feeling adventurous, some of the best cocktails in D.C. have been when we just give him a spirit of choice and ask him to make us something to knock our socks off. Trust us, he hasn’t failed us yet and we are sure you will like his cocktails.

Tip 4. If you are feeling adventurous or in the mood to party, we recommend starting off with our favorite Tequila. Try a shot or a drink made with DeLeon Platinum Tequila. Mike is the first person that introduced us to a drink he made with this tequila and we have been sipping on it ever since. We are pretty sure he gave this to us because of the skull on the bottle, but dang if it isn’t tasty. This also led us on some of the best “spirit” hunting we have experienced in a long time.

If you arrived late or didn’t feel like drinking at the first stop, don’t worry about it. Our next stop comes quick, so you will have time to gather your thoughts on your drink of choice and get ready for our second stop. We hope you enjoyed getting to know our best Washington D.C. ghost tour. Stay tuned on our blog for tips and tricks on all the rest of our bars on the tour.


There are several ghost stories we are going to tell you at this location as well as the history, but you are going to have to come on the tour to hear the ghost stories. Sorry, we hate to ruin a surprise or a chance to scare you in person. Book our favorite Washington D.C. Ghost Tour Pub Crawl now or click Here for more information.

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