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Denver Dining Options

We are constantly asked by email and phone if there is anywhere to eat before you come on one of our magical tours. So, in an effort to give our customer service ghosts a break and to allow them to sample more “spirits” around the office, we have employed a special person to provide you with that she feels is the best options around all of our tours.

Our Grub Guide

Euclid Hall: $
One of our favorite places in Denver. What isn’t to like about a place that calls their Happy Hour Study Hall. Their menu changes pretty frequently and most options are really good. We recommend starting off with the pickles and roasted cauliflower salad. Wash water you get down with a Dry Dock Apricot Blonde.

Black Crow: $
Located right across the street from our starting line, this is a unique tex-mex place. It is separate from Rio Grande and if it is nice out, we totally recommend checking this place out.

Wazee Supper Club: $-$
Depending on what you order here dictates the price range. Located not far from our tour, this is a pretty decent spot, but be forewarned, service can be slow.