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Eerie Places to Visit With Wine

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Exploring haunted towns can be a thrilling experience. The sights and sounds of the year’s past ring through the streets. An eerie feeling or spooky spotting can make your hair stand on end. Luckily, there are some great haunts that are ripe for adventure. 

Sipping a great wine or beer can take this experience to the next level. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite beverage and have an unforgettable experience. Plus, you’re likely to learn a little history along the way. 

Check out these two amazing destinations for wine and beer tours that are truly memorable. Located in the heart of two incredible wine regions, they have a ton to offer and things to do. Great weather, awesome drinks, and a little spookiness are all you need for a fantastic time. 

Visit Frightening Fredericksburg, Texas and Drink Wine

Texas is known for its cowboy culture and great hospitality. A growing and diverse state, it has pockets all over that are turning into tourist attractions. The Texas Hill Country is no different with its great food and its even better wine. And right at the heart of this region is the town of Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg, Texas is a picturesque historical town located in Central Texas. Founded in 1846, its roots grow deep in the Lone Star State. The sleepy town is steeped in history and quite a bit of mystery.

Settled by German immigrants, the area has a unique blend of cultures. Fleeing the chaos in Germany, these farmers and laborers brought a strong work ethic and a new set of principles to the region. The settlers and the ingenious people of the area made a treaty to share the land. The promise would remain intact as the two cultures peacefully coexisted.

However, the turmoil of the Civil War brought lawlessness to the town. Vigilantes swept through the streets, spreading their own version of justice. This brutal group became known as Die Haengebande, which translates to The Hanging Band. 

Their leader James Waldrip led the charge and was hellbent on taking out anyone that opposed the Confederacy. He would hang those that spoke out against confederate rule or that supported the union. A ruthless rebel, he hanged many innocent victims throughout The Hill Country.

One of these victims was a schoolteacher named Louis Scheutze who is said to still haunt the Fredericksburg area to this day. Eventually, James Waldrip was shot and killed. But not before his pure evil left its mark on the area forever. 

The town began to slowly grow into the 20th century. Though its pace was much slower than much of the rest of the country. It remained a quiet community until Lyndon B. Johnson visited the city in 1961 during his campaign. He was welcomed with great fanfare and brought a ton of attention to the town.

Johnson, born in the nearby town of Stonewall, would catapult the little community of Fredericksburg to international fame. Media flocked to The Nimitz Hotel to cover the election of President Johnson. The building is now said to be one of the most haunted places in all of Fredericksburg. 

After winning the presidency, Johnson continued to frequent the streets of Fredericksburg. He and his wife attended church services and hosted dignitaries in the town. By the 1970s, the city was a well-known destination, profiting off tourism dollars. 

Today, Fredericksburg is a favorite weekend road trip for many Texans. The laidback vibe and charming streets make it a no-fuss place to visit. Many enjoy the stunning weather, the rich history, and the possibility of an eerie encounter. 

A visit here also brings you to one of the country’s very best wine regions. The sunny climate and rich soil allow the Texas Hill Country winemakers to produce some of the most amazing wines. Checking out the wineries is one of the most popular activities in the area for tourists and residents alike.

A Spooky Wild West Wine Tour in Fredericksburg

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With all of this rich and amazing history, a tour of the area is a must-do activity. It’s a perfect way to see all of the cool landmarks and get the inside scoop from the experts themselves. Plus, you’ll get a chance to see what makes this historic town so unique and special. 

The Haunted Jolly Trolley Tour is the perfect activity to check out all that Fredericksburg has to offer. This adventure will have you sipping delicious drinks and taking in spooky sightings. It will be a memorable experience that you won’t soon forget. 

First, your tour will start out at The Crossroads Saloon and Steakhouse. This stunning eatery is known for serving the very best cuts of meat and live music. Enjoy your steak with a glass of vino or a cold brew and get ready to head out on your tour. You’ll meet your friendly and knowledgeable guide and be off on your way. 

You’ll board our historic Jolly Trolley for your Fredericksburg adventure, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. For an hour and a half, you’ll cruise the streets of Fredericksburg, taking in all of the sights and sounds. Listen closely and keep your eyes peeled for echoes of the Wild West. A spooky sighting or eerie encounter could be around any corner. 

Your tour will stop at some of the most notable places around town. Take plenty of photos as you go back in time. Listen to your guide and their spooky stories of the events that occurred here over the many years. They will tell you of the area’s most famous residents, some of whom still haunt the streets to this day. 

You’ll remember your fun experience and the stories of Fredericksburg will be ingrained in your mind forever. Will you spot Louis Scheutze still speaking out against the Confederacy? Or will James Waldrip and his gang of vigilantes still be wreaking havoc in the streets? One thing is for sure. You’ll see what made President Lyndon B. Johnson fall in love with Fredericksburg.

Mysterious Temecula, California and It’s Great Wine Scene

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From bands of criminals to war battles, California has seen its fair share of conflict and violence. An active part of the Wild West, The Golden State has a history of crime, tragedy, and death. Many parts of California are famous for the events that have taken place there over the years. One of these is the town of Temecula.

Temecula is located in sunny Southern California, between San Diego and Los Angeles. The region is well known for its wine and laid back atmosphere. The Temecula Valley is one of the world’s most premier wine regions, attracting visitors from every corner of the globe. The hillsides are dotted with sprawling vineyards and luxurious spas.

But Temecula wasn’t always a tourist attraction for wine lovers. It has a long past that goes back centuries. The sunny little town is bursting with an interesting and complex history. 

Over time, the land has served many purposes as the community transformed and evolved. It began as the home of an indigenous Indian tribe for many centuries. Then, Spanish missionaries arrived in the area. Their strong cultural influence still remains evident to this day. 

Then, Mexican land grants transformed the area. Temecula was then divided into four Ranchos. Shortly after this, westward-moving American settlers descended on the area. This series of events led to a rise in conflict with the indigenous people of the area. They began to challenge the land grants but failed to regain their land. 

The Temecula Massacre was a tragic conflict that was part of the Mexican American War. It’s said that up to a hundred of the native inhabitants were killed on that fateful and violent day. However, heavy rains made it impossible to recover all of the bodies. Many are buried in the cemetery off the Temecula Parkway to this day. 

After the war ended, stagecoaches rose in popularity and Temecula was soon a stop on the line where the second post office in California was eventually established. However, flooding wiped out the tracks and the historic stagecoach station was eventually demolished. 

In the early 1900s, the Vail family arrived from Nova Scotia. They established a ranch and formed the Vail Lake with waters from the Temecula Creek. Their presence was vital to the growth of the town. 

The end of the 20th century brought many families to Temecula from the nearby larger cities. The quiet area was a great escape and allowed for a more family-oriented lifestyle. The area saw a boom in growth and modernization. 

However, the Old Town Temecula area stayed largely the same. The charming streets are lined with buildings of the past and glimpses into the Wild West era. This is an awesome area to visit to get a feel for the rich history of the area. 

Oftentimes, that rich history comes with a few leftover presences from the past. Many of the diverse residents of Temecula’s years gone by are said to still be wandering the streets of the Old Town area. Their spirits just can’t seem to escape the Southern California town.

Touring Eerie Old Town

Sure, you could wander Old Town alone and search for clues of the past. But why not sit back and let an expert lead you on an amazing experience? A tour of the area is a must-do activity for any history buff or those into the supernatural. 

An open-air cable car tour allows you to enjoy the California breeze while taking in the sights. It also gives you the best view of all of the Old Town Temecula Scenery. You’ll have an experience you won’t soon forget when you book a haunted cable car tour. Plus, you’ll get some pretty fantastic photos. 

Start your tour at Black Market Brewing. This spot has a bit of history of its own. It’s one of Temecula’s very first craft breweries. The 6,000 square foot space is the perfect place to meet your tour group and your guide. 

A complimentary flight of the brewery’s delicious craft beer choices starts your adventure. With a huge variety on tap, there’s something for everyone. The Bad Actor IPA has just the right amount of hoppiness while the Deception Blond Ale is refreshing and crisp. Chat with your guide as you prepare to hit the streets.

Then, your group will board the cable car and you’ll be off on your way! Your guide will fill you in on fun facts and historical information as you move through the streets of yesteryear. You’ll get to hop off for photos at some of the most famous landmarks in town. 

Check out where violent saloon brawls took lives many decades ago. Many of these drunken clashes ended in death, sometimes for both sides. Could their tortured spirits still be haunting these streets, regretting their whiskey-fueled mistakes? 

With the many transformations of the area, the populations passed through countless times. From cowboys and ranchos to Native Americans and Spanish settlers, many lost their lives claiming the area of Temecula. Their spirits likely remain, still staking claim of their beloved land.

Keep watch all along your tour for evidence of their presence. Many mysterious glowing orbs and fading lights have been spotted on these streets. Sometimes a chilly sensation cuts through the warm evening to let you know there is a presence nearby.

Your exciting tour will end back at Black Market Brewing. Order one of their delicious pizzas and rehash all you have just experienced. Make sure you toast your beer to your adventure and all of the Temecula residents, past and present. 

Your Paranormal Adventure

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Plan your adventure, book your tour, and prep your palette. Your trip to wine country isn’t complete without a ghost tour. Enjoy your favorite drink and take in the spooky sights. 

A great ghost tour is a once in a lifetime experience. And you’ll likely meet some pretty cool people along the way. Who knows? You just might have a paranormal experience that you’ll never forget. 

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