Have you tried asking Siri this? Is she still thinking? You must be on the Sprint Network with us. Oh well, good thing you came to this page because the answer is NO.

While our guides really love to spend time with all of you every night, most are starving young professionals or college students. So yes, we do allow tips, but only if you had a great time.

You can, but it would be ill-advised. We will only accept you if the tour is not already full. Also note that on occasion we will contact all guests who purchased tickets to meet at a different location based on special events in the area.

They are usually about 2.5-3 hours long, but sometimes our guides and groups have such a good time that they stop at additional places beyond the planned tour. If you want it to be exactly two and a half hours then please don’t buy our guides any drinks.

All of our guides are 21+, so we think they can make adult decisions. We do want to tell you that around the 3rd or 4th stop our guides get more entertaining. This is just an observation that people have told us, not really sure why this is the case, but maybe the guides are nervous meeting everyone at first.

We always recommend checking with your doctor to see if you are fit for a walking tour. It usually covers about 1 mile, but the routes change with the season. We also make 3-4 stops during this time, which may or may not have seating.

Are you not shocked that this is not the number one question we get? Well, we think it’s because people really like surprises and trust us, we really want to tell you. However, all we will say is that it is smaller than a car, bigger than a marble and you will get one if you check in on time.

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B.)We include a map and direction on every confirmation email

Not to worry, just call 1-8-Ghost-Tour (1-844-678-8687) and let them know when you think you can get there and we can let you know where the tour will be. This will disqualify you from the surprise and we reserve the right to not tell you what it was.

Yes!! There is just something about a screaming baby that is not nearly as funny as when the adults on our tour get scared and scream. We make exceptions, but those must be arranged in advance, just email (info@nightlyspirits.com) or call us 1-8-Ghost-Tour (1-844-678-8687). We can usually make an exception in cities where the bars don’t card our groups. We do work hard to try and coordinate with the locations to attempt to get everyone in our groups into the bars.

It can be, are you afraid of the dark??? Overall, our tours offer a scare factor between a Labrador puppy and you losing your phone