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Fort Worth Ghost Tours

Experience the spookiest side of Fort Worth with our thrilling and unforgettable ghost tours that are designed to offer something for everyone, from families with young children to adults looking for a night out with friends. We will take you to some of the most haunted pubs in the area, sharing spine-tingling stories and legends about the ghosts that still haunt the city.

 Join us on one of our Nightly Spirits Fort Worth Ghost Tours and get ready for a night of chills and thrills!

Why Nightly Spirits?

Our commitment to providing a thrilling and educational experience sets it apart as the best ghost tour company in the market.

Hauntingly Good Service

See what our guests are saying on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews about our great service.

Spooktacular for All Ages

We offer many different tours, making us perfect for guests of all ages.

Affordable Prices

All of our tours are affordable, so you can focus on our ghost story, not breaking the bank.

Explore Fort Worth’s Top-Rated Ghost Tours

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Fort Worth Stockyards Haunted Pub Crawl

Nightly Spirits is excited to expand our Lone Star State offerings to the famous Fort Worth Stockyards.


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Fort Worth Stockyards Spooktacular All-Ages Ghost Walk

Nightly Spirits is excited to expand our Lone Star State offerings to the famous Fort Worth Stockyards.


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Fort Worth Private Haunted Pub Crawl

Looking to spice up your next event? The Nightly Spirits Fort Worth Haunted Ghost Tour Pub Crawl is the perfect choice for your next celebration, corporate event, team-building exercise, or holiday party.

Top Fort Worth Hauntings

Fort Worth, known for its Western heritage, cowboy culture, and historical landmarks, is often affectionately referred to as “Cowtown” due to its prominent role in cattle drives and ranching.

One of our most sought-after experiences is the Fort Worth Ghost Tour in Stockyard, which takes visitors to the city’s most haunted locations. Among these eerie destinations, the iconic White Elephant Saloon, once a lively cowboy watering hole, is known for its spectral inhabitants. Another infamous spot is Miss Molly’s former brothel, which is said to be frequented by lingering spirits. And of course, the Cowtown Coliseum, considered one of the most haunted sites in Fort Worth, has attracted countless reports of unexplained footsteps, sightings of shadowy figures, and chilling cold spots.

If you have a fascination for the paranormal, we highly recommend exploring one of the various ghost tours available in the region. Don’t miss out, book your tour now!

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is Nightly Spirits?

Discover the paranormal side of Fort Worth with Nightly Spirits, the leading tour company specializing in authentic ghost tours. Immerse yourself in the haunted history of Cowtown, one of the most mysterious cities in the Mid-South. Since our inception in Fort Worth, we have gained popularity as a top-rated year-round ghost tour. As recognized by USA Today, we’re proud to be voted among the top 3 ghost tours in America.

Join us and experience the best Fort Worth ghost tour, where legends and spirits come alive!

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What to Expect

Prepare for a spine-chilling adventure on our Fort Worth Ghost Tour in Stockyard. Our expert guides will lead you through the haunted streets of Fort Worth, revealing the city’s darkest secrets. Explore notorious locations, feel the eerie atmosphere, and witness unexplained phenomena.


Be prepared for ghostly encounters, chilling tales, and a thrilling journey into the unknown. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for Fort Worth’s haunted history. Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the unknown.

Book your tour now and experience the thrill and haunting adventure of the Fort Worth Ghost Tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our answers to our customers’ common questions. Read more FAQs by clicking the button below.

Are drinks included?

Have you tried asking Siri this? Is she still thinking? You must be on the Sprint Network with us. Oh well, good thing you came to this page because the answer is NO.

Where does the tour begin?

Once you book, you will receive a confirmation email. If you scroll below your receipt, you will find detailed instructions for meeting your guide for check in. If you book your tour and do not receive a confirmation email, be sure to check your spam. We get booted there a lot.

How many people are on the tour?

We keep all of our groups small to guarantee a personal experience for every guest. We also offer private tours that guarantee you have your tour guide all to yourself! Use the Private Group Tours drop-down to find more information!


By Fort Worth’s Best

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