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A Haunted Adventure Down the West Coast

A Trip Itinerary for Stopping at the Spookiest and Scariest Spots

The West Coast of the United States is home to some of the most stunning sites in the world. From Northern Washington to Southern California, it’s some of the country’s prime places for exploration.

It’s also home to some of the nation’s scariest locations. From shut down prisons to haunted hotels, there are plenty of eerie spots to explore. Spirits linger everywhere from ghostly restaurants to spooky theaters. A trip to the West Coast can earn you some seriously supernatural experiences. 

Check out this itinerary for your next thrilling adventure. You’ll travel down the coast, stopping at the spookiest and scariest spots the area has to offer. 

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Haunted Adventure Day 1: Spooky Spots in Seattle, Washington

Your adventure starts in Seattle, infamous for its sleepy feel and misty climate. Here, you’ll check out Seattle’s spookiest spots and scariest haunts.

Mysterious Martha Washington Park

Spend the day exploring Marth Washington Park. This beautiful piece of nature used to be the site of The Martha Washington School for Girls. Some of the trees that provide shade in this park were planted by former students nearly a century ago. 

For this reason, many suspicious sights have been witnessed still lingering around the beloved foliage. Since the school shut down in 1957 and was eventually demolished, many park visitors have caught a glimpse of a long-gone student, still roaming the grounds.

Visit the Eerie Pike Place Market

After your day at the park, you’ll likely be famished. And you simply can’t visit Seattle without stopping at Pike Place Market. But did you know that Pike Place has a ton of ghost stories surrounding the famous building? Visit in the evening for your best chances of witnessing the supernatural.

While there, you can grab dinner from two of the market’s most famous haunted eateries. If you’re feeling Italian, iL Bisto is a perfect spot to grab a bite and possibly spot the ghost that’s stuck in the dining room mirror. Or, head underground to enjoy dinner and a show at Can Can. You’ll likely get an eerie vibe from the ghost boy that’s been said to linger around the place.

Take a Spooky Seattle Ghost Tour

You can’t end your evening without seeing all the frights that the city’s nighttime scene has to offer. A walking ghost tour of Seattle will take you up and down the streets of the area, your guide sharing spooky stories all along the way. 

Your tour will begin at Kells Irish Restaurant and Bar, one of the most haunted spots in the area. Then, you’ll hit two more of Seattle’s most notorious haunts. Keep your camera ready and your eyes peeled, you never know what you might see along the way. 

Stay at The Haunted Hotel Sorrento

When it’s time to rest your head, check into one of the most haunted hotels on the West Coast. You’re on a spooky adventure after all! The Hotel Sorrento is famous for the hauntings that many unexpected guests have witnessed here. 

The area’s longest operating boutique hotel, there is more than just opulent luxury within its walls. The resident ghost, Alice Toklas, was a writer that grew up nearby. Apparently, she didn’t want to leave the block because she still haunts the hotel to this day, mysteriously moving glasses and appearing in hallways. Request a room on the fourth floor for your best chance to spot her.

Need Transportation in Seattle? Find options to get around in Seattle.

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Haunted Adventure Day 2: Paranormal Places in Portland, Oregon

Portland is the perfect place to visit whether you are looking for great food, friendly people, or just an overall awesome vibe. Rated as one of the top ten most haunted cities in the country, it’s also a pretty great place to find some paranormal activity. 

Stroll Through Lone Fir Cemetery 

What’s a more perfect place to witness some supernatural occurrences than a graveyard? Even better, this one is so old that it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. A stroll through Lone Fir Cemetery can put you face to face with one of the pioneers buried there. 

Check out the many unmarked graves, leaving the unidentified bodies restless in their forever homes. Feel the presence of the patients of the insane asylum that was nearby many years ago, their unclaimed bodies buried without a proper goodbye. Stay alert for the sights and sounds of the graveyard’s permanent residents roaming among the tombstones.

Enjoy a Pie and a Fright at Old Town Pizza

The Shanghai Tunnels run below the historic district of Portland with echoes of the captured sailors echoing through their walls. Atop these tunnels sits Old Town Pizza. A visit here can give you a glimpse into the past. 

The pizzeria and taproom has an eerie and historic vibe that you can’t ignore. Plus, it’s home to one of Portland’s most often spotted spirits, Nina. Falling down an elevator shaft, she died when the building used to serve as a hotel. To this day she wanders the dining room, dressed in black, drifting by unexpected patrons.

Eerie Entertainment at The Bagdad Theater

Built in 1927, The Bagdad Theater is a nostalgic little playhouse that’s been kept in its original style. Catch a show here to end your day and spot some eerie activity. Grab a beer, settle in, and wait for the show to start.

However, the show on the screen might not be the only thing to see. A man that committed suicide here is said to still linger among the rows of seats. And there has been a woman’s image spotted in the ladies’ room on more than a few occasions. 

A Scary Stay at The Benson Hotel

Check into The Benson Hotel and prepare yourself for some unexpected twists. This stunning hotel is full of historical features from floor to ceiling. The crystal chandeliers, wood-paneled walls, and sleek marble floors will take you right back in time. 

In fact, the hotel is so incredible that many of its guests simply refuse to check out. Since being built in 1913, it’s collected a number of permanent inhabitants. Images of a woman dressed in white and a little boy have both been seen roaming the halls. The hotel’s owner, Simon Benson himself, has even been spotted in common areas, admiring his incredible creation.

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Haunted Adventure Day 3: Supernatural Sights in San Francisco, California

Under the shadow of The Golden Gate bridge, the sprawling city of San Franciso is home to many mysteries. A visit here can take you on a wild ride of thrills, chills, and unexplainable occurrences. 

Visit Alcatraz for History and Mystery

A haunted trip down The West Coast just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Alcatraz. A visit here can put you in the same spot where some of America’s most dangerous and notorious criminals were once held. Take a ferry over to the island and see one of the country’s most famous haunted places for yourself. 

A behind the scenes tour can take you among the cell blocks where prisoners still roam to this day. You’ll get to see the torturous solitary confinement cell for yourself and listen to stories of the dramatic, infamous escape. You might even see the prisoners that are said to still remain at Alcatraz, confined to the island forever. 

Paranormal Happenings at The Presidio

The Presidio is a former military post with 1,500 acres of activities to enjoy. With hiking, bird watching, and a stunning view of The Golden Gate Bridge, there’s no shortage of things to see and do here. However, The Letterman’s Digital Arts Center is where you have the best chance to witness the park’s paranormal happenings. 

The theater was once the site of an old Army hospital so it only makes sense that many have had supernatural feelings here. Make sure to also check out the national cemetery on The Presidio grounds. You might just see soldiers from the past, still guarding their post. 

A Spooky Meal at Sweeney’s

Now that all of your eerie adventures have worked up your appetite, it’s time to head to Sweeney’s Grill and Bar for a delicious meal, with a spooky side. The cozy spot is serving up more than just great steak and seafood. The eatery is famous for its permanent inhabitants as well.

Jimmie Torres owned the spot at the turn of the 19th century. Unfortunately, his ownership came to an end when he was shot by a horseback murderer riding by. He died that night in the booth of his beloved saloon, but he’s still been seen tending to tables to this day.

Check In to The Queen Anne for Eerie Accommodations

The historic building that housed The Queen Anne Hotel is brimming with Victorian charm. However, there are many devious happenings within its walls. A stay here can give you an encounter you won’t soon forget. 

The building formerly housed a finishing school for young girls. Many guests have felt a presence wishing them good night and lovingly watching over them as they drift to sleep. Many believe the spirit is the old headmaster of the finishing school. If you are truly brave, request Room 410, her old office, for the best chance to experience eerie happenings.

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Haunted Adventure Day 4: Thrilling Times in Temecula, California

Take the scenic drive to Southern California and the beautiful Temecula Valley. Home to sprawling vineyards and posh spas, the area is full of luxury. However, its historic area is also brimming with mystery.

Creepiness at The KEA Grain Mill 

Just outside of Temecula, in the neighboring city of Murietta, sits The KEA Grain Mill. The towering structure is home to some creepy sightings and mysterious happenings. Built in 1918, its accumulated its fair share of ghost sightings since being boarded up in 1991. 

Now, the decaying building is home to many permanent residents. The most famous of these is a little girl dressed in blue. She’s been spotted numerous times wandering the grounds around the mill. Check out this historic building and its daunting presence to feel its creepiness for yourself.

Chilling La Llorona Sightings

La Llorona is an infamous ghost that has been around for many centuries. Legend has it that her spirit is tortured by the regret of drowning her children. The ruthless widow wanders the world, living eternally with her horrendous act. 

So when she appeared on the streets of Temecula, residents were horrified. One even snapped a photo of her wandering an intersection and shared it on social media. So when you are exploring Temecula, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this famous ghost.

An Old Town Ghastly Ghost Tour

The Old Town area of Temecula is full of charm and history. With roots of the Old Wild West days, the area is brimming with saloons and pubs, once frequented by the pioneers of yore. The best way to explore this area is with an expert guide on a haunted trolley tour

You’ll meet your tour guide at Black Market Brewery where you’ll enjoy a flight of their craft beer. Then, you’ll hop on a cablecar trolley and be off to explore the Old Town area. Your guide will take you to the most haunted spots and tell you the eerie tales of the past that happened here. You’ll feel like you’re going back in time as you see and hear the remnants of the Wild West.

Stay at The Palomar Inn for a Scary Sleep

Once your day in Temecula is done, it’s time for a good night’s sleep. The Palomar Inn is the perfect place for the last night of your trip. The cozy spot is comfy and chilling all at the same time.

The first thing you will notice when approaching the inn is the totem hung above the entrance. In fact, many have experienced the totem coming alive unexpectedly, pecking them with its sharp beak. This hotel, on The National Register of Historic Places, has amassed many spooky stories over the years. Lots of guests have heard mysterious sounds and felt cold chills during their stays. 

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The chills and thrills you experience as you head down the coast will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. From Seattle to Temecula, you’ll stop at some of the region’s most notorious haunts. Your journey will give you an unforgettable chance to encounter tales from the past. 

A trip out West is an amazing way to experience America’s rich history. It’s also an incredible chance to witness supernatural encounters and eerie happenings. So start planning and booking your spooky west coast adventure today!

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