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Haunted Cocktails Bloody Agua De Valencia

How to use a Porron?

A few years ago after I was done ghost hunting in Chicago and had finished a ghost tour, I discovered a porron at a Speakeasy my buddy Jordan took me to downtown. At the time I was embarrassed to ask what the heck people were drinking wine and wine cocktails from, but it looked like a lot of fun. So, after a bit of researching I discovered my new favorite drinking vessel. It’s also incredibly perfect for the social distancing times because you can share drinks from more than 6′ away, if you’re a pro. If you don’t have a porron already, check them out here and get a few, so you can make different drinks and pass them around, perhaps social distancing musical chairs where you stop at a cocktail someone else made. Porron Link

Haunted Cocktails – Bloody Agua De Valencia:

Directions: If all ingredients are cold, no ice is needed. If they are warm, chill pitcher in fridge prior to serving.

Step One: Pour in Vodka and Gin to a pitcher large enough to hold more than a bottle of wine.

Step Two: Add sugar to pitcher.

Step Three: Add Orange Juice.

Step Four: Pour in bottle of Cava.

Step Five: Splash in pomegranate juice. 

Step Six: Stir and Serve, preferably in a Porron.


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