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Haunted Cocktails Spanish Coffee Recipe

How to Make a Spanish Coffee?

When I was ghost hunting in Portland a few years back, one of my favorite discoveries was actually a cocktail called the Spanish Coffee. After a night of ghost hunting in cold weather, I was looking for a warm pick me up and was blown away to discover a drink I had never had before(which is extremely rare) this trip. This drink had all the elements I love: Fire, Coffee, Cream, and Rum. What could go wrong? Well, take a look at our haunted cocktail making video and you can see how we almost lost another soul, my beloved beard, in making this drink. So, a word of caution for any of you guys with beards out there, they are at risk if you choose to make this at home.

Spanish Coffee Recipe:

  • 1 oz 151 Rum
  • 1.5 oz Kahlua
  • .5 oz Triple Sec
  • 4 oz Coffee
  • Lime or Lemon to rim glass
  • Sugar for rimming glass
  • Non-Sweet Whipped Cream
  • Dash of Nutmeg
  • Clear Coffee Glass for viewing


Step One: Rub the rim of your glass with the lemon or lime and then dip in sugar until inside and outside of rim are coated.

Step Two: Add rum and triple sec to glass and then use a long lighter to light the liquor on fire. Rotate the glass to get the carmelization on the sugar. This is a critical step

Step Three: Add the kahlua to the burning liquor(may flame up, it’s ok).

Step Four: Put out the flame by adding enough coffee to leave about 1″ of space at the top for the cream.

Step Five: Spoon or pour cream to fill glass.

Step Six: Shake nutmeg onto the cream.


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