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Haunted Places to Visit in Southern California

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Southern California is all about surf, sand, and sunshine. The amazing weather and stunning scenery make it a dream destination. It’s the perfect place for a weekend trip or a long vacation.

However, the area is not all sun and fun. There are some pretty mysterious things happening in the lower part of the Golden State. Unexplainable events and sightings are the norm and many visitors leave with eerie memories they can’t forget.

A trip here can give you the chance to enjoy some of the most beautiful lands the US has to offer. The towering palms and gentle waves are a sight and sound that’s instantly mood-boosting. But when the sun goes down, things change in this coastal region.

Southern California has more than a few ghost stories. With all of the area’s history, it’s no wonder countless spirits seem to linger eternally. A visit to these places can allow you to spot some of these supernatural SoCal residents for yourself. Pack your bags and get ready for a wild experience.

The Haunted Old Town Area of Temecula

The cozy town of Temecula is quickly growing in popularity as a tourist attraction. Nestled between Los Angeles and San Diego, it’s in a prime location. Known for its many sprawling vineyards, wine enthusiasts flock to the area to check out some of the best vintages in the country.

However, Temecula also just happens to be one of the most haunted places in all of California. With a ton of history, the town has seen its fair share of tragedy. Transitions between populations resulted in tons of violent death and tales of pure evil.

Sure, the area is known for it’s relaxing spas and premier wine tours. Its rolling hills and perfect weather are great for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. However, if you are into the more supernatural oriented activities, Temecula has lots for you too.

Temecula’s past is riddled with death and misery. There have been massacres and murders in this Old West Town. From the indigenous people to the settlers and pioneers, many of the past residents have struggled over this very land. The Wild West era transformed Temecula from a peaceful town to an area riddled with brutality.

The Temecula Massacre sadly took the lives of a large number of victims. However, an uncommon heavy rain blanketed the area. This made it impossible to recover or even count the number dead. This tragedy still leaves a heavy feeling over the area to this day.

Many residents lost their lives in senseless deaths as turmoil encroached upon the area over the years. Eventually, civilization returned to the west, and Temecula became a tranquil escape. However, much of the area’s history still seems to remain trapped in the historic district of Old Town.

An adventure in the Old Town area of Temecula can bring some eerie excitement to your visit. Here, the streets are lined with rustic buildings straight from the Wild West. Strolling down the boardwalk sidewalks will be like taking a trip back in time.

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Wandering the restaurants and shops here can make for a fun-filled day. The charming area is full of unique finds and delicious options. However, when night falls, the adorable streets of Temecula get a little more interesting.

As the sun goes down, Old Town transforms into a mysterious spot. Exploring the streets after dark has left many with some spooky memories. Stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you. You might just have a supernatural sighting of your own.

One of the coolest ways to explore these nostalgic streets at night is by taking a haunted cable car tour. This gives you a chance to see first hand where so much history has taken place. Your knowledgeable guide can chauffeur you around the area and point out the most notable haunts. They can even tell you some spooky stories of their own.

Meet your group at Black Market Brewing where you will enjoy a flight of beer that’s included in your tour. Then you’ll be off to board your awaiting open-air cable car. Sit back and relax as you take in the sights and sounds of Old Town. You’ll stop at some great photo ops and learn all about the tumultuous history of the area.

Are you looking for a more active way to explore the area? A haunted pub crawl is another fun-filled eerie activity! You’ll spend the evening popping into the saloons and pubs of yesteryear that dot the streets of Old Town. Check out where cowboys engaged in drunken brawls and the streets where tragic shoot outs took place.

No matter how you choose to explore the Old Town streets, make sure to stay on your toes. The air is full of mystery and likely a few spirits still drifting through the old buildings. You don’t want to miss a mysterious sighting or unexplainable sound. Keep your eyes peeled for the cowboys or pioneers that once made these streets their stomping grounds.

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, A Haunted Ship on the California Coast

Bobbing off the coast of California is the majestic ship The Queen Mary. Since it first set sail in 1936, it’s been making quite an impression on its visitors and passengers. You can visit here for a memorable experience or even spend the night for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When The Queen Mary left England, she was one of the poshest ships on the sea. Her ballrooms, pools, and dining areas made her a luxurious choice to cross the ocean to America. Everyone from celebrities to dignitaries couldn’t wait to set sail on the stunning vessel.

However, history had different plans and her run as a recreational vehicle was a short one. Just three years into her life of luxury, World War II created a need for a different type of transportation. All of her amazing amenities were removed, leaving just a shell of a ship.

The Queen Mary was transformed into a troopship and painted a dull grey color, earning her the name “The Grey Ghost”. The giant ship was able to carry over 15,000 passengers at remarkable speed. These passengers were troops tortured by the tragedy of war and reeling from their sacrifice.

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Finally, the ship was able to return to her glory as a passenger ship. She continued giving civilian passengers an amazing experience at sea for another twenty years. The Queen Mary sailed through the water, collecting stories and memories for decades.

Eventually, she would set sail for the last time, docking in Long Beach in 1967. Now, she is an amazing attraction for guests of all ages. However, if you are into the supernatural, she’s a must-see to add to your bucket list.

Visit the ship and take a haunted tour of the dark and narrow halls. Your guide will show you all the great hotspots as you explore the most hidden areas of the vessel. Many on these tours have seen a mysterious woman in white, wandering the halls right along with them.

You can also dine in the ship’s dining room where so many passengers have done before over the decades. Then, head out on a haunted history tour and learn all about the past that remains within the ship’s walls. The food might be delicious but the once in a lifetime spooky sightings are even more memorable.

For a truly unique experience, take a tour of the ship with a paranormal investigator and see the evidence of the supernatural presence first hand. Access areas not allowed otherwise and try to reach the ship’s most infamous spirits. You’ll see right away why The Queen Mary is on Time Magazine’s Ten Most Haunted Places list.

If you really want to go all-in, book a stateroom on the ship for an unforgettable experience. Spend the night in the quarters that have been frequented by countless passengers over time. Endless stories of mysterious sights and sounds have been recounted by the ship’s overnight guests.

Stateroom B340 is perhaps The Queen Mary’s most famous room. It’s so haunted that they had to close it to guests for three decades. Now reopened, a stay in this room can earn you some serious chills and thrills. Everything from strange feelings and sounds to spottings of Bloody Mary herself has taken place in the cozy quarters.

However you choose to experience the old ship, your visit will be a memorable one. Will you hear the screams of the infamous headless sailor? Will your tour uncover proof of the ship’s haunting? Or will the impressive vessel leave you with an unignorable feeling that you just can’t shake?

The Haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles

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Towering above Hollywood Blvd., the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is an iconic image. Today it’s the oldest operating hotel in LA, greeting guests since 1927. Over that time, the stunning building has collected its fair share of stories.

The 300 room hotel has withstood the test of time. Its twelve stories have been the setting of many Hollywood stories and events. Within the walls, tales of some of the world’s most popular celebrities remain.

Upon first glance, the hotel seems innocent enough. It even went under a multi-million dollar renovation to refresh its look and modernize the style. However, no amount of paint can erase the history housed in The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Book a room in the hotel’s impressive tower for an unforgettable experience. Not only will you get spectacular views and luxurious accommodations, you’ll get to stay where the most famous people through history have slept. The opulent decor will make your stay one that you’ll hope won’t end.

And for some guests, theirs didn’t. There are endless stories of supernatural spottings and occurrences at the historic hotel. The nighttime hours seem to be when the building comes alive. Sleep with one eye open so you don’t miss a spooky sighting of your own.

One of the hotel’s most famous forever guests is none other than Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. She’s been spotted in her very favorite room, 1200, on more than a few occasions. The stunning beauty has been seen glancing at her platinum blonde hair in the room’s spotless mirror.

Mysterious music is also forever lofting through the air at the Roosevelt Hotel. 1950s heartthrob Montgomery Clift stayed at the hotel for filming during the height of his career. He occupied room 928 for nearly three months, or maybe much longer. He can still often be heard playing his trumpet in the room to this very day.

It’s not just movie stars that fall in love with The Roosevelt Hotel. Other guests seem to also refuse to check out. The hotel has hosted many events over the years. It’s said that two male Oscar attendees still remain in the ballroom taking in the ceremony from many years past.

The hotel is family-friendly and ghosts of all ages have been seen walking the beautiful halls. One of the most famous and commonly spotted is a five-year-old girl in a blue dress looking for her family.

Spending the night at The Roosevelt Hotel gives you a chance to do much more than relax in luxury. The floating orbs and unexplainable cool breezes give you a glimpse into the past. The hotel’s forever residents will make sure your stay is one that you’ll never forget.

Haunted Southern California

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These haunts prove that even the most luxurious areas have their own share of mystery. Check them out for yourself for an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a whole new way to explore Southern California, these are a sure bet.

Those that visit Southern California fall in love with it. It’s home to some of the country’s best food, wine, and weather. Many that visit here have been reluctant to return home. And some of those that have been to Southern California throughout history, simply refuse to leave.

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