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Category: Tampa

Aug 29
Haunted Parks Around Tampa

Tampa is a beautiful city with stunning landscapes. The tropical climate makes it…

Jul 17
The Creepy Sulphur Springs Water Tower

Tampa, Florida is a ghost-hunting dream town. Pockets of historical areas are littered…

Jul 17
The Comfort Station in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is an amazing city to explore. One of the many beautiful cities in…

Jul 13
Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Tampa

The city of Tampa located in Florida is just the place to be, what with the…

Jul 08
The Don CeSar Hotel in Tampa

Tampa, Florida is a popular vacation destination, and for good reason, sun, sand, and…

Jul 08
5 Haunted Places In Ybor City Near Tampa

Ybor City, near Tampa, was founded in 1890, rooted in cigar manufacturing, the…

Jul 01
The Florida Brewery Company in Tampa

The Tampa area is known for its optimal weather and ideal geographical…

Jul 01
Haunted Plant Hall at the University of Tampa

A woman in a red dress. A man in a brown suit. These mysterious figures have been…

Jul 01
The Haunted Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa

The Tampa Bay area is home to many iconic buildings and structures. The…

Jun 23
The Cuban Club in Ybor City

As you gather on the beaches of Tampa by day, it can be hard to imagine what…

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