Nightly Spirits Haunted History Field Trips

Charleston history is an important part of any South Carolina student’s curriculum. Nightly Spirits has a way to extend that lesson beyond the classroom and bring your students to the place where it all began. We strive to balance educational content with entertainment as we share Charleston’s rich history in an unexpected way…with ghosts!

The Haunted History Tour of Charleston’s Historic District is a spooky outdoor walking journey that dives deep into the history of this beautiful city. Groups will meet their costumed guide at Waterfront Park, which used to be the center of local maritime traffic. From there, we can see Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumner, and learn of their historical significance, not only to Charleston, but to the country. We will also share some of our favorite spooky tales of the ghosts in the Charleston Harbor. From there, your guide will lead you on a journey of some of the oldest buildings in the city, where, along the way, you’ll hear about the Charleston’s founding members and maybe meet one of them in ghostly form. We will show you cemeteries dating back to the 1700’s, dungeons and jails that held some of the most fearsome pirates and criminals, and take you through historical alleys where we may not be completely alone. Hear tales of being shanghaied by pirates and pranked by poltergeists, all while exploring one of the most historic cities in the nation. Don’t worry, most of the spirits are friendly, but just in case you want to avoid any ghostly encounters, your guide will be equipped with an EMF Reader, so we know exactly where the ghosts are lurking.

We share your passion for your students’ education. We want them to leave our tour having had a great, memorable time, and having learned more about our city’s history. Nightly Spirits Charleston Haunted History Tour is a unique experience that your students will never forget.


Field Trips for school groups and camps can be arranged Monday through Saturday between 9am to 6pm. We can accommodate groups of 5-100. We have multiple trained tour guides for an entertaining and informative tour, for children and chaperones alike.


Our tour guides are passionate storytellers who are experts in Charleston history and the paranormal. They are experienced working will children of all ages. All guides have had thorough background checks.

Age Range

At this time, our Haunted History Walking Tour is only recommended for ages 9 and up. If you have a younger group, we can arrange for one of our guides to visit you! They will arrive in historic costume and cater the stories and games for your age group.  We are aware of the potentially frightening nature of our stories, so we can adjust what stories we tell, and in what detail, for groups of smaller children.


  • For groups under 10: $15/student
  • For groups of 10-25: $12.50/student
  • For groups of 25-50: $10/student
  • For groups over 50: $8/student

Nightly Spirits requires one chaperone/10 students and will provide those tickets at no cost. Any other adults are $15 each.


Tours proceed rain or shine and much of the tour takes place outdoors. Participants should wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. Please be aware that extreme weather conditions may necessitate the cancellation of your tour. More detailed terms and conditions can be found here.


Nightly Spirits seeks to provide programs for individuals of all abilities. With prior knowledge, we will work with you to accommodate those with special needs. Special assistants to the disabled are admitted free.


Additional Resources For Your Haunted History Tour

-Want to include lunch?  Water Front Park does provide room to spread out if students bring a bagged lunch. It is equipped with nearby restrooms, and some cover from the sun or rain.

-Want to make this an interactive tour? Nightly Spirits can send you a Teacher Resource Guide with our Historical topics and our guides can quiz the students along the route.

-Want to combine your tour with another great downtown activity? We recommend the following, that are all within a safe walking distance from our tour routes. We can even arrange to have your guide meet you and lead the group to Market Square Park.


-Click here for a map of parking recommendations.

Financial Assistance

-Click here for some great resources for grants and financial assistance.

-If you would like to anonymously sponsor a tour for a Title One school, please contact us at 844-678-8687.