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Savannah Ghost Tour Hunting at Tondee’s Tavern

Nightly Spirits just opened our Savannah Ghost Tour Pub Crawl in one of our favorite cities to hunt for ghosts. This city has it all when it comes to putting together the best ghost tour pub crawl in the country. This is our first ghost tour that allows you to walk among the ghosts while carrying your spirits everywhere we go. Our ghost tour in Savannah is being launched at a special price of only $20/ticket and will be our famous 2.5 hour, 4 bar, and haunted locations along the tour route.

The Ghost Hunt

As we ghost hunted in Savannah, we had some of the best ghost hunting experiences we have ever experienced in the country. One of the places we hunted in was Tondee’s Tavern and this is where we found some of the most ghost activity. We were sitting there near the end of the night with our EMF equipment still on. We began to see some temperature fluctuations without any notable change in the temperature of the room. While we were noticing the temperature changes, we began to pick up some voices through the white noises we had been listening. At first, we had a very difficult time hearing if it was just noises or if there was a familiar pattern. We eventually were able to get more clear sounds when we began to ask questions to the voice and could now make it more clearly the responses.

We were able to determine that the ghost communicating with us was either named Catherine or looking for Catherine. We asked several probing questions to try and determine the origin of the voice as well as when she was from and what she was seeking. Catherine was a slave that came to Georgia and with Tondee’s near the slave trade, we think she passed through Tondee’s Tavern at some point in the 1800’s. The ghost of Catherine is one of the stories we tell on our Savannah ghost tour. Hear the story of why a ghost is living at Tondee’s Tavern looking for a slave named Catherine. You won’t want to miss this on our ghost tour pub crawl of Savannah Georgia.

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