Seattle Ghosts and Hauntings

A Beginners Guide to Seattle Ghosts and Haunted Locations

Seattle is a hotbed for reports of hauntings and paranormal happenings. For example, the Hotel Ändra has had many apparent sightings of a woman who wears 1930’s clothing, and regularly appears when guests are lying in bed. The story goes that this ghostly woman was once an employee of the hotel, who tragically fell to her death from a window of the hotel in the 1960’s, and now roams the hotel for eternity.

Another notable haunted Seattle establishment is Re-Bar, which is said to be haunted by a woman who died in the building in the 1930’s, and who once owned the bar at one point. There are also reports of a man, a leather-daddy that likes to mess with the bar’s AV equipment from time to time.

In this article though, we are going to delve further into the area of Seattle with the highest concentration of ghost sightings, Pike Place Market.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market, a public market that overlooks the Elliott Bay waterfront, has been reported as the most haunted place in the whole of Seattle. There have been hundreds of reports of ghost sightings, hearing odd noises, or even just a sense of being watched.

Opening in 1907, Pike Place market has grown and been renovated over the years. So it’s no wonder that thanks to its rich and vibrant history, that there are plenty of ghosts roaming its grounds.

For example, at Alibi Room, a club off Post Alley, there have been sightings of an elderly ghost called Frank, who likes to introduce himself by name outside of the club’s bathrooms, and then disappear suddenly.

Kell’s Pub

Nationally renowned for being some of the most haunted building in the whole of America however, are Kell’s Pub and the Hotel Sorrento. Kell’s Pub is known as ‘the most haunted bar in America’, and the building that it is in used to be a mortuary, and housed most of Seattle’s dead. It’s in the basement of the Butterworth building, which used to be the mortuary’s embalming room.

At this Irish pub, there have been ghosts seen in the Guinness mirror, shattered mirrors, and unexplained paranormal phenomenon occurring on an almost nightly basis. There are two main ghosts who are spotted regularly at the pub, one of which is a little girl with long red hair. She is most active when children are allowed in the pub during the day, and is known to manipulate children’s toys.

The second one is ‘Charlie’ who manifests in the Guinness mirror, mainly at night. He is an older gentleman who wears a derby hat and regularly shows up when there is live music going on at the pub.

Thanks to the building’s past, there may be many more ghosts which are yet to be recorded here. But these are the main paranormal sightings that have occurred here.

Hotel Sorrento

Other than being a lavish hotel to stay in if you’re visiting Seattle, the Hotel Sorrento is infamous for its paranormal activity. One of its most notable ‘permanent’ guests is Alice B. Toklas, who is said to be the inventor of every stoner’s favourite dessert, weed brownies.

There have been hundreds of sightings of Toklas roaming the hotel’s halls, and causing the hotel’s lights to dim as she goes by. Plus, there are reports of a presence outside of room 408, where employees have had many strange and weird experiences inside of the room.

Princess Angeline

Maybe the oldest ghost that resides in the market, Princess Angeline was a Native America who lived in a shack just below Pike Street and refused to move when the market was set to be built there.

You can catch a sighting of her just up the stairs on Western Avenue, which was close to her home. Many people report an unpleasant smell and seeing something in the corner of their eye.

There are many more different ghosts that haunt Pike Place market and the surrounding Seattle area, so this is just a quick snapshot of the paranormal activity that you can experience if you venture into these areas, on either a Nightly Spirits Ghost Tour Pub Crawl or on your own.

Make sure to delve deeper into Seattle’s vibrant history by booking on to one of our ghost tours, and have a happy time ghost hunting!


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