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Spooky and Fun Ways to Get Together With Friends and Family

Unique Group Activities to Experience Chills and Thrills for Every Situation

Social interaction is a must for your mood and well being. Getting together with friends and family not only makes you happier in the moment, but it also creates memories that last a lifetime. Being with loved ones is simply one of the best uses of time there is. 

Add to that a spooky or supernatural experience and you have the perfect combination. You’ll encounter chills and thrills together that will leave your hair standing on end and your heart racing. Experiencing these feelings with friends and family will make your time together more amazing and bring you even closer. 

But what kind of activities should you do to make the best of your time together? How can you enhance each other’s company and fully enjoy your eerie moments to the fullest? 

Every group has its own unique situation. Maybe some of you have physical barriers that limit the types of spooky activities you can plan. You might be spaced out geographically or prefer getting together from the comfort of your home. 

There is also a wide range of group sizes that need to be considered when planning activities. The ages of group members and their comfort with the paranormal are also important factors when planning your activity.

The great thing is, there are a vast number of spooky activity options, no matter where you live. So think outside the box and try something new. Check out this list of options for every situation and plan a chilling and fun time you and your family and friends won’t soon forget. 

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Ways to Get Together Virtually to Play Fun Games as a Group

Sometimes it’s impossible to get together in person. When logistics and other factors keep you geographically apart, you can still have an amazing eerie time together. Thanks to technology, you and your friends and family can take part in a mysterious or downright bone-chilling online adventure.

Meeting Up on Online Multiplayer Horror Games

Online multiplayer, horror games are popping up everywhere. Thanks to incredible graphics and creative scenarios, programmers have created some seriously scary worlds you can immerse yourself in. Plus, you can play at the same time with others on a PC or video game system.

Call of Duty is one of the most popular first-person shooter games out there. The intense graphics and exciting element of surprise make it a super fun and exhilarating game. There are many versions of the game that you can play with friends online including one based on horrifying zombies called Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies

You can even enter into Zombie Mode on other versions of the game to battle the undead. You and your fellow players will fight for your lives as terrifying zombies invade the online world. Your sure to be on the edge of your seat as these creepy villains fill your screen.

No matter what kind of haunted themes you’re into, there’s an online game for you. Dead By Daylight allows you to take on your fave villains like Mike Meyers and Freddy Kruger. Resident Evil is another popular choice where you take on some seriously grotesque monsters. Younger players can even get in on the action with the fun murder mystery game, Among Us.

Solving Virtual Escape Rooms Together as a Group

Escape rooms are awesome for fun and team building. Working together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles, you and your group work together to escape the themed mystery. But sometimes it’s impossible for everyone to meet at your favorite local escape room. 

However, virtual escape rooms still allow you to have the same experience, right from the comfort of your own homes. Plus, there are a ton of options on the internet. This allows everyone of every age and skill level to participate. 

Escaping virtually by cooperating is made fun and simple using a video chat function. Work together to solve digital clues and work your way through the mystery. Feel the excitement as you race against the clock to beat the game. 

You can opt for a scary and spooky option where you try to escape the curse of an evil witch or solve a horrifying crime. However, even the littlest mystery lovers can get in on the fun. With Minecraft and Harry Potter themed escape rooms, they will have a blast solving the mystery and sharpening their problem-solving skills. 

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Ghosty Group Get Togethers for a Spooky Time

Sometimes being in the very spot that historical events and tragedies have taken place gives you an immediate eerie feeling. All across the country, cities and towns have deep-rooted pasts. This results in lingering spirits and mysterious happenings. A tour guide can be your best chance for your group to witness evidence of souls that still remain from many years ago. 

Fun Ghost Tour Group Outings

Ghost tours have been popping up around the country for decades. These fun events are awesome to add to your travel itinerary or see your local area in a whole new light…or darkness. With so many to choose from, there are options for everyone. 

No matter where you are located, there is likely an awesome ghost tour near you. From coast to coast, there are supernatural experts ready to show you around the historic streets and tell eerie stories of the past. Gather your group and keep your eyes and ears peeled for those restless figures still haunting the area.

Want a more relaxing, yet bone-chilling, experience? Look for a chauffeured option like a bus or cablecar ghost tour. Your group can opt for a private tour and have the vehicle all to yourselves. Ride down the streets of yesteryear and take in the sights and sounds of the past. This is a perfect option for friends and family with physical limitations to get in on the ghost hunting action.

Haunted Pub Crawl for a Great Night Out Together

Take your bar hopping to the next level with a haunted pub crawl! This combines delicious drinks and searching for bar patrons of the past. This is a great choice for groups that want to add that special something to their night out on the town.

Haunted pub crawls usually visit areas that were once filled with violent street fights and brawl filled saloons. Here, many men often lost their lives due to everything from drunken rage to attempted robbery. Their tortured souls still remain, regretting their transgressions. 

You’ll go from spot to spot with your guide, learning about the many that lost their lives here. You might even see a mysterious figure or hear an unexplainable sound, evidence that those that frequented these streets before refuse to leave. It’s an experience that your group is sure to not soon forget. 

Spooky Foodie Activities Perfect for Your Group

Everyone in your group has to eat right? Well, why not make it part of your adventure. Plan an experience that combines food and fright. You’ll get to enjoy some delicious cuisine as well as some delectable mystery. 

Murder Mystery Dinner Group Gatherings

Murder mystery dinners are a super fun way to get everyone’s minds reeling. A thrilling meal with a side of “whodunnit” can be a unique way to hang out with your friends and family. It’s also a great way to get to know each other better. 

You have several options for a murder mystery dinner. You can go to a restaurant to take part in the fun. Or, you can host the event in one of your homes. There are even services that can help you facilitate the details. 

Attending a murder mystery dinner show is a fun and unforgettable experience. Nearly every major city has spots that host these popping up. Actors present the crime challenge and you’ll get in on the action as you use the clues to find the killer. Plus, you get to enjoy some delicious food along the way. 

You can also download everything you need to host a murder mystery party right from your very own home. This is a super budget-friendly option and allows you to choose from a number of themes like a tragedy at an 80s prom or an Old West mystery. Have your guests dress in costume and bring a dish to share for a fun yet super easy event. 

If you want a combination of the two, you can have a service plan and coordinate the event for you. Set up food and drinks and prep your space to host. The service will provide you and your guests with the roles you will play…one of you being the murderer. Use the clues and work together to eliminate suspects and solve the crime!

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Get Together with Friends to Visit a Haunted Restaurant

Many eateries across the country are housed in renovated residents, offices, and even places like post offices and banks. There are also restaurants that have been around for many decades serving food for countless patrons. These storied pasts mean that there are often eerie happenings between the walls. 

Finding a haunted restaurant isn’t difficult, especially if you and your group are located near a historic area. If you are traveling, it’s worth it to do a little research to see if there are any notoriously haunted dining spots along the way. Everything from review sites to travel blogs can give you some great insight into the best spooky places to stop

Make sure if you are visiting as a group, that you make reservations if possible. These haunted spots are usually super popular. It’s also a good idea to dine during less busy hours. This quieter ambiance will give you a better chance of seeing or hearing some paranormal activity. Remember to ask for the table most popular for seeing eerie sights!

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Fun Group Activities for Spooky Book and Movie Lovers

Is your group more into pop culture? Maybe you have a common love of reading or enjoy a cozy movie night. Putting a scary twist on these activities can make them unique and exciting.

Scary Book Club Meet Ups

A spooky book club can take your love of lit to a new level. Take turns picking a book every month and make sure it’s a terrifying one. Then, come together to discuss all the plot twists and turns. 

Getting together to discuss a book is a great way to get to know friends and family better. You can get their take and interpretations of the story’s events and characters. For even more fun, have everyone make predictions about the outcome of the mystery before finishing the book. Reveal them together at your book talk to see who was the closest to the book’s ending. 

Have everyone bring a dish that goes with the theme of the book. Reading a book about vampires? Everyone can bring a snack that contains garlic. Maybe your story is about a string of gruesome stabbings. Serve Bloody Marys and ask everyone to bring their brunch time favorite. Either way, you’ll all have a fantastic time snacking and discussing your new fave read.

Horror Movie Night Get Togethers

The classic scary movie night has been a popular choice for get-togethers forever. Gathering around and watching the newest fright-fest is a fun way to spend time with friends or family. Luckily, you can plan the perfect scary movie night for your unique group. 

You can go with the tried and true format. Luckily, you don’t have to scan the video store anymore to rent the best horrors Hollywood has to offer. You can download or stream everything from the classics like The Exorcist to newer frights like Birdbox right from your cozy couch. Decide the movie playlist ahead of time so you can dive right into viewing. 

Maybe you have a group of all ages. Even if you have younger ones around, you can still watch some creepy thrills. Just make sure they are ok with a little scary excitement. Classics like The Goonies and newer ones like Goosebumps are perfect for older kiddos that love creepy twists. Even smaller kids may enjoy animated choices like Monster House and Coraline.

You can still enjoy a movie night, even if it’s impossible to physically get together. Online streaming and chat services allow you to coordinate watching a movie and communicating virtually. These options allow you to do everything from video conference, voice chat, and send messages to each other as you watch your favorite horror movies together.

Planning Your Spooky and Fun Group Activity

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No matter what your specific group is into, there is an activity for you. From a little creepy to downright terrifying, there’s a perfect way to spend some spooky time together. You’ll enjoy each other’s company with some chills and thrills along the way.

Think about your group when planning your activity. Fortunately, there are tons of options no matter the age, physical abilities, and even geographical locations of the friends and family that plan to participate. So get planning, communicating, and preparing for some scary fun!

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