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Spooky Stops on Your Cross Country Road Trip

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The Most Haunted Locations from Coast to Coast

Taking a few weeks off from your everyday life and traveling across the country is the trip of a lifetime. You’ll see amazing sights and create lifelong memories. You’ll give yourself the chance to experience all that the United States has to offer from coast to coast. 

While you are checking out all of these cool places, why not add some spooky stops to your itinerary? This will allow you and your crew to enjoy a little history and mystery at some of the oldest spots in the country. Plus, you just might have an unforgettable supernatural encounter of your own. 

Here is a list of the spookiest spots from east to west. Some of them just have an overall eerie vibe while some are downright terrifying. Add a few of these stops to your plans and you’re sure to experience some real chills and thrills along the way!

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Kick-off Your Spooky Cross Country Road Trip in Boston

Boston is one of those towns you just instantly fall in love with. The area is the perfect combination of a modern metropolis and historic charm. And it’s that history that makes it one of the most haunted locales in the nation.

One of the best places to spot a forever Bostonian is right in one of the most popular places in town. Boston Common is a sprawling downtown park with lush trees and manicured lawns. However, it’s not as peaceful as it first appears. America’s oldest park is steeped in historical mystery.

This area has been the spot of many tragic deaths over the years. Hangings, riots, and burials make it an eerie place to check out. In fact, many a ghost and spirit have been spotted wandering the grounds here. Check out the Central Burying Ground, right on the park’s property, for your best chance to spot something supernatural. 

If all of this eerie exploring has worked up an appetite, head to Union Oyster House. This spot has some of the best seafood in the city. With its wood-paneled walls and cozy vibe, you’ll feel like you’re going back in time. Plus, you might even spot one of the most famous ghosts in the world. 

President John F. Kennedy couldn’t get enough of Union Oster House’s delicious food. So much so that he visited every time he was in Boston and requested the same private booth. He enjoyed many dinners with his iconic family here. It now has a plaque marking its dedication to the late politician. 

Sit near this booth and you might even get a sighting of JFK, still popping into his regular spot. He’s been spotted here in the second-floor dining room, overlooking diners with that charismatic smile. The famous president has also been spotted in the restaurant’s cozy restrooms by more than a few diners over the years.

The Omni Parker Hotel is a perfect place to treat yourself before another day on the road. Cloaked in luxury and grandeur, it truly has an impressive atmosphere. It also has an undeniable feeling of mystery and some frequently spotted forever guests. 

Here, a haunted man has been seen countless times in Room 303 where he once lived. His cigar smoke seems to refuse to evaporate over time. An actress also died here in the 1870s and has been spotted wandering the third floor to this day. The elevator even seems in on the hijinx, stopping on the third floor seemingly by its own will.

Founder, Harvey Parker, took great pride in his stunning creation. He has even been seen roaming the halls, his spirit unable to leave his beloved hotel long after his death. Request a room on the tenth floor for the greatest odds to spot him. It seems to be his favorite location to hang out.

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A Cross Country Road Trip Isn’t Complete Without a Stop in The Windy City

Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, hot dog vendors, and some of the best shopping in the world. However, this bustling metropolis has a darker side. Gangsters like Al Capone have forever left their forever marks on the windy city. 

Here, you can explore some of the most iconic hot spots from the old-school gangster life. One of these is the site of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. This tragic event caused the deaths of seven victims and is still unsolved to this day. However, many believe that Al Capone set the events in motion to fuel the bloody battle.

That Valentine’s Day morning, a group of rival gang members met at a garage. The North and South Side Gangs butted heads and violence erupted. Gunshots rang out and it quickly became a bloodbath. Over the years, the garage was torn down but you can still visit this spot in Lincoln Park.

Visiting the site where all of this carnage took place will surely give you a chill down your spine. But keep your eyes and ears peeled. Those that have been to the area have heard gunshots and desperate screams. Blurry images of gangsters from years past have also been spotted, only to disappear into thin air. 

Chicago gangsters blanketed the city with organized crime throughout the prohibition era. They were known for being violent and ruthless, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. These events left a lot of mysteries still swirling in spots all over the city.

The best way to check out all of the most haunted spots is by going on a gangster pub tour. You’ll learn about all of the bootlegging of the past as well as the spots that these criminals still linger. You might just have a gangster ghost sighting that will leave you truly spooked.

Chicago’s, The Congress Plaza Hotel is an awesome place to rest your head for the night. This iconic building contains a lot of history. In fact, it was a favorite hang out of Al Capone himself. He and his gangster friends loved to hang out in the opulent suites. Today, the gold-gilded lobby remains a stunning sight, and the guest rooms are still just as comfy and well-appointed.

The stately hotel still creates a big impression on Michigan Avenue. But its iconic presence isn’t the only thing special about this spot. Guests have heard the echoes of gangsters in the walls, enjoying a boisterous evening from years past. And it’s not just gangsters that won’t check out. Request Room 441 for a possible visit from the woman that’s been frequently spotted there! 

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Why Your Cross Country Road Trip Should Take You to Denver

About midway through the country, Denver, Colorado is a stunning stopping point. With its soaring buildings against the backdrop of the Rockies, it has an unforgettable landscape. Plus, there are some spooky activities to do here that are just as memorable. 

Visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens seems like an innocent enough outing. However, these beautiful grounds have a complex past. Under the well-manicured foliage sits thousands of unmarked graves. The property was used as a Catholic cemetery until the fifties when it was transformed into the colorful botanic gardens it is today.

Because of this, mysterious happenings seem to be constantly occurring here. Everything from frolicking children to unexplainable sounds have been witnessed on the grounds. If you happen to book a tour of the property’s historic Waring House Mansion, you might even feel a ghost for yourself. Visitors have felt tugging and tapping when exploring this old home.

Denver is a foodie paradise with options for every appetite. Why should your stop be limited to just a few choices? Hopping around to some of the area’s best eateries is a fun way to spend the evening. Better yet, a haunted food tour doesn’t just allow you to taste great food. You might get a thrilling sight along the way.

Check out a variety of food choices while learning about Denver’s history and the pioneers that settled here in the past. Nibble on everything from Irish eats to upscale small plates and visit the area’s most haunted restaurants. Your guide will fill you in on all of the best Denver ghost stories as you taste your way through town.

Your visit to Denver isn’t complete without a haunted hotel stay. Luckily there’s no shortage of spooky accommodations in the area. One of the most notorious of these is The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa. This iconic hotel is full of tales from the past and a few guests that have simply never checked out. 

The breathtaking lobby will be a welcoming sight after a long day of adventure. But don’t rest too easy. A train conductor from the past has been seen running panicked through the lobby. Children have been heard playing in empty spaces. And a string quartet has even been spotted by an unsuspecting employee, only to vanish into thin air.

You might even get a visit from the historic hotel’s most notable ghost, Sassy Springer, during your stay. The socialite frequented the hotel to meet her suitors and even kept an ongoing reservation. Now, that room seems to be a hotbed of paranormal activity with mysterious sounds being heard even when it’s empty. 

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Temecula Valley, the Perfect West Coast Destination for Your Cross Country Road Trip

About an hour from Temecula, in Northern San Diego sits The Whaley House. And this old residence, now a museum, is well worth the drive. It’s known as one of the most haunted places in Southern California and a visit here can put you face to face with one of the original residents herself.

The Whaley’s daughter tragically brought her young life to an end in the home. Tortured by the shame of her divorce, she could no longer endure the pain. Her family moved shortly after. Though the young woman’s unsettled spirit seems to still roam the home. Visitors have spotted her image and have heard unexplainable sounds to this day.

Then, settle into the beautiful Temecula Valley and all that it has to offer. The Old Town area, in particular, is charming and historical. Filled with shops and saloons, it’s an awesome place to explore. It has an undeniable feeling of the Wild West days, complete with some hauntings from the cowboys and pioneers that once roamed here.

The area is full of great spots to learn about and a haunted cablecar tour is an awesome way to check it out. Your guide will take you around on the open-air vehicle, so you can enjoy the weather and stop at the area’s most haunted spots. You might just spot an early settler, still roaming the dusty streets of Old Town!

Luckily for you, one of the coolest historic hotels is just nearby. The Palomar Inn is an authentic spot that dates back to 1927. Here, you can rent a cozy room or a suite with a full kitchen.

However, you might have an eerie experience even before walking in the door. The totem that’s perched above the entrance is said to come alive, greeting unexpecting guests. Visitors have felt the bird’s beak tap them on the shoulder, only to turn around and find it right back at its post. There’s no question that this eerie Spanish-style spot is a stay to remember. 

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Enjoying Your Creepy Cross Country Road Trip

Planning a cross country road trip is no small feat. Deciding on what to do, where to stay, and what route to take can be overwhelming. With so many great options, it’s tough to know where to start.

Adding these unique stops and activities can put a fun twist on your typical road trip. Many are family-friendly and allow for a spooky experience for all. They will add to your adventure and give you a chance to create memories you won’t soon forget. 

There’s never a bad time to check a cross country road trip off your travel bucket list. So get planning, start packing, and hit the road for one of your life’s greatest adventures!

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