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Big Frights and Wine Flights

Exploring the Most Spooky and Scary Things to Do in and Around Temecula

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A journey to The Temecula Valley is perfect for anyone. The area is full of must-try, must-eat, and must-drink attractions. It’s a great place to explore for both locals and tourists from near and far.

Many come to the valley for its incredible wine scene. With wineries dotting the scenery here, there’s no shortage of great vino. A visit to the local wineries or a relaxing wine tour is a definite must when in Temecula.

However, those looking for something a little unique will find plenty to do as well. Exploring Temecula’s dark side is a fun take on the typical wine country excursions. You might get to encounter some of Temecula’s most permanent guests, still floating amongst the SoCal air.

The Temecula area has a rich and winding history. Inhabited by Native Americans for hundreds of years, it saw a surge of Spanish settlers in the late 1700s. Then, Mexican land contracts were established on the land, creating ranchos. Eventually, the westward movement also brought Americans to the turmoiled land.

A struggle over this land ensued for many years. It saw many indigenous people tragically lose their lives at the Temecula Massacre. Then, it became the site of endless acts of violence surrounding the Wild West.

Today, the sprawling vineyards and gorgeous resorts are a stark contrast to the area’s dark and mysterious history. Visiting here will give you the best of both worlds. Sip and amazing Cabernet by day and spot some spooky spirits by night. It’s no surprise that there are some incredible scary activities in and around the beautiful Temecula area.

A Trolley Tour

The Old Town area of Temecula is best explored at night. Here, the history of the streets come alive after dark. They’re filled with wonder, excitement, and a little eerie mystery. Taking an evening haunted trolly tour of this nostalgic area can leave you with your hair standing on end.

The old buildings lining the streets here are stunning. Many have been restored using original materials and components. The area has an authentic look and vibe, straight out of the Wild Wild West. A visit here can give you a chance to explore the very streets where cowboys and settlers walked, so many years ago.

Your unique experience will begin at Black Market Brewing, one of the first craft breweries in the area. From the awesome tasting room, you’ll get to check out the equipment where these expert brewers create some of the most delicious microbrews. Grab the flight that’s included in your tour to sample their creations. There’s something for everyone here, no matter your taste or beer preference.

Your friendly costumed guide will meet you at the brewery as you loosen up over drinks. Meet your group and allow the excitement for your tour to build. Then, head outside where your unique open-ait cable car awaits.

This historic vehicle truly is the most fitting way to explore these old streets. It also allows you to enjoy everything that’s great about a Southern California evening. Kick back and relax as you head off on your tour with your knowledgeable guide.

As you crawl through the streets, your guide will point out notable places along your route. You’ll even get to stop and take some photos at some of the most historic spots in the area. Your group will feel like you’re transported back in time as you take in the sights and sounds of this old town.

Keep your eyes peeled for signs of the historic figures that still remain wandering these streets. Many have spotted a mysterious orb or floating light that seems to disappear into thin air. Watch the windows of the old buildings carefully for eerie eyes peering out.

This tour truly is a treat for the senses. Make sure your ears are alert for the echoes of yesteryear. Tour-goers have heard unexplainable sounds of weeping and laughing in alleyways, only to peer down and find that no one is there.

Many claim to just sense an eerie presence while exploring these streets. Whether a mysterious chill or cool breeze on a still night, these feelings simply can’t be explained. They are sure to leave you wondering who’s still sticking around the streets of Old Town from years gone by.

Your tour will end back at Black Market Brewing to relax and refuel. Order one of their delicious pizzas to share and discuss your experience with your group. One thing is for sure, this will be a tour that you won’t soon forget.

A Haunted Pub Crawl

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The old saloons of The Wild West are notorious scenes of whiskey-fueled violence and many a crazy night. They are an iconic image of the violence, debauchery, and brutality of the time. The saloons scattered around Temecula sure have a few stories to tell about the past happenings of the area.

Pub crawls are a great way to experience a city. It’s an awesome way to get to know the locals and really feel the vibe of a location. Exploring the old drinking holes of Temecula is a one of a kind experience, with a possible unexpected eerie twist. Here, you can embark on an unforgettable haunted pub crawl that’s sure to give you chills and thrills.

Take to the streets of Old Town for a night of fun. First, you’ll head to the Temecula Wine and Beer Garden, a rustic building bursting with the sounds of live music and energetic chatter. Here, you’ll meet your costumed guide and choose from the delicious menu of drinks to kick off your evening.

You and your group will follow your knowledgeable guide through the streets of the historic area. For over two and a half hours, you’ll wander the streets stopping in and out of old haunts. Stopping at two to three bars, you’ll have a chance to grab a drink and hear spooky tales of the past and present.

As you move from bar to bar, keep watch for spooky sightings all around you. The streets have been known to share secrets of the tragic past. Many a massacre and murder occurred in the Wild West. Don’t miss your chance to witness the lingering evidence of these historic events.

You’ll cover a mile of Old Town Temecula’s fabled streets. Make sure to ask your guide about the mysterious things that they themselves have experienced here. Then, you’ll end your tour back at the Temecula Wine and Beer Garden. Grab a drink and reflect on all of the history you were just immersed in.

Stay in a Haunted Hotel

Take your stay in Temecula to the next level with a haunted overnight stay. The Palomar Inn is the best opportunity to spot a mysterious sighting or two. Plus, it’s an authentic way to enjoy the Temecula lifestyle and its historic charm.

This little inn is a cozy place to stay right in a great location. It’s right in the heart of the Old Town area. It’s in a prime spot close to some great bars and restaurants and right on the walkable Old Town Front Street. But that’s not the only unique thing about these accommodations.

Here, there are many tales about unexplainable hauntings. Approaching the Spanish-inspired building, the first thing guests often notice is the totem pole hanging on the exterior wall. Perched above the expansive arches, the statue looks down on guests below. Though the statue may not be as still as it first appears.

Unexpecting guests have reported seeing the totem pole come to life before their very eyes. The long-beaked bird squawks can be heard cutting through the breezy evening air. Some guests have even reported feeling its sharp beak tap them on the head, only to turn around and find nothing but floating feathers.

Inside the hotel, the mystery only intensifies. Like all old buildings, drafts can occur. However, in Southern California, cold air is a rare feeling. Still, guests staying here have felt noticeable cold points that have sent chills running up their spines.

The hotel is also home to some suspicious noises. Unexplained screams and weeping can be heard echoing through the halls. Gunshots have even been heard, possibly all the way from the Wild West days.

There’s no telling what you’ll experience during your stay at the Palomar Inn. You might just feel a sense of unease from the eerie feeling that wafts among guest rooms. Or, you may experience an undeniable sight or sound that something truly supernatural is afoot.

A Creepy Escape Room

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Escape rooms have become popular for everything from birthday celebrations to team-building exercises. Known for their fun puzzles and intricate riddles, they can be fun outings for families and participants of all ages, until they aren’t. At Black Market Escape Rooms, they take scary to the next level, so leave the kiddos at home.

Here, at the nation’s first R-rated escape experience, they pull out all of the stops. So much so that you have to be a member or invited by one to participate. Everything about this experience revolves around true horror and raw gore.

At an impressive 2,800 square feet, it’s one of the largest escape rooms around. Guests will race the clock and avoid the terror as they work their way to freedom. This adults-only experience is sure to get your adrenaline rushing.

The most unique thing about Black Market Escape Room is that you don’t choose a story like a typical escape venue. Here, you choose from one of their signature artists. Will you run in fear from the Sideshow, the homicidal clown? Maybe the mad scientist will implore you to escape from his experiments of torture. Either way, you’re sure to feel the fear that this experience provides.

The scenes here are truly authentic, filled with bloody corpses and eerie gore. This immersive experience is chilling and full of challenges. It’s also sure to be an evening that you’ll never forget.

Check Out a Haunted Creek

One of the most unique attractions near Temecula, Coffin Creek is a must-visit for those into the supernatural and mystery. Not only does it have some pretty fascinating history, but its staff has created a thrilling experience. The perfect combination of the past and present, it’s an eerie experience for all.

The story at the infamous spot dates back to 1938. That year, two weeks of uncharacteristic flooding covered the Southern California area. Coffin Creek legend has it that the unyielding waters swept through Corona and brought thirteen restless coffins up from deep underground. They were discovered in a nearby woods, but when opened, all were empty.

Eventually, the remains of two of the coffins were found nearby. However, eleven soul’s bodies were forever lost in the woods around the area. Those searching the area felt too uneasy to keep looking and the search was called off, those bodies never to be found again.

Throughout the month of October, a visit here can mean some serious thrills. Enter the grounds and experience the frights of the night. Roam the fabled grounds as you make your way through the modern-day haunted attraction. However, you won’t be able to escape the presence of those eleven souls lost forever from the great flood of 1938.

Chills and Thrills Await

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Planning your Temecula area activities is made easy by the wide variety of things to do. There are wine tastings, delicious restaurants, and incredible sightseeing opportunities. However, experiencing Temecula’s dark side is an experience that you’ll never forget.

Book an eerie trolley tour, perfect for a pairing of wine and spirits. A haunted pub crawl will give you a chance to experience the saloons in Old Town, just like cowboys did during Wild West times. An out of this world escape room can truly leave you breathless. And the infamous grounds near the haunted creek will leave you wondering about its forever inhabitants.

One thing’s for sure, a trip to Temecula is ripe with opportunity. There could be mysterious encounters and spooky sightings around every corner. Visiting here gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the area’s rich history. So prepare your courage, Temecula’s chills and thrills await!

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