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The 17Hundred90 Inn in Savannah, Georgia

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When you visit Savannah, Georgia you will be overwhelmed by the beauty. Rarely do you see a town that oozes southern charm more than Savannah which is why it is often used as a location in feature films. As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, the historical architecture, cobblestone streets and many beautiful parks make Savannah a tourist’s delight. 

Savannah was perfectly thought out prior to being built. General James Oglethorpe planned out the town on paper first, which is why it is so well laid out. Featuring many small squares that would protect each street from fires as well as offering the opportunity for smaller communities to gather in these mini-parks, Savannah is not a town that it is easy to get lost in. 

But Savannah also has a unique history of its own. During the Revolutionary War, the British took control of Savannah. And in 1779, there was a month-long attempt by both the French and American’s to regain control. Unfortunately, the battle was quite bloody and many lost their lives. 

History would sadly repeat itself during the Civil War when Savannah was the end goal during Sherman’s March to the Sea. During this military campaign, hundreds of soldiers from both the confederacy and the union were killed. Ultimately, Savannah was conquered by the union army but the number of casualties was quite high.

War wasn’t the only reason many have lost their lives in Savannah. In fact, in the year 1820 there was a Yellow Fever epidemic that was the cause of more than 4000 deaths. Yellow Fever is a mosquito-borne illness and the population of Savannah was reduced to just a fifth of its original population. 

With a history of so many tragic deaths, Savannah is the perfect location to encounter ghosts and spirits of the souls who weren’t ready to leave this mortal world. In fact, if you are looking for a place to encounter paranormal activity, Savannah is the perfect destination for you. 

Not only is Savannah’s climate perfect for a getaway, but the town is well regarded for its excellent culinary options. Plus the whole town is a hotbed for ghosts, spirits, and apparitions. ! whether you believe in ghosts or not the spirits of Savannah will convince you that it deserves the distinction of being one of America’s most haunted cities. 

When you’re considering a trip to encounter the paranormal there may be many locations that catch your eye. For a chance to spend the night with a ghost, you might consider staying at one of Savannah’s famous haunted hotels. 

In fact, Savannah, Georgia’s oldest inn dates back to the 1790s. Named for the year it was constructed, the 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant serves its guests a heaping helping of Southern hospitality in a historic, downtown Savannah setting on the corner of President and Lincoln streets.

Originally three separate residences that burned down in 1820, the 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant was rebuilt as one building in 1821. While Savannah features many haunted hotel choices, the 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant is among the most popular tourist spots for paranormal thrill-seekers. 

Nestled in a residential area, the Inn is bursting with old-world charm, and ready to host those looking for a spooky sojourn. For two centuries, the Inn and Restaurant has offered fine dining and lively lodging. Lively, that is because the quaint, 14-room main inn comes filled with the ambiance of period furniture and even in-house ghosts. 

Other lodging options include the three-story guesthouse across the street. Many haunted happenings have been reported through the years, stemming from tales of colorful characters who once stayed, died – and perhaps even still remain – on the property. 

Meet Anna in “Ghost Room” 204 Of The 17Hundred90 Inn

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Aspiring ghost hunters should be sure to request room 204, also known as “Anna’s Room.” For nearly two centuries, the ghost of Anna is said to lurk in 17Hundred90’s upstairs guest rooms, particularly in room 204, making the tale of Anna’s love and loss the thing for which the inn is perhaps most famous.

The property’s best-known ghost, Anna, is said to have been a servant who tragically died in the building. While there are several versions of exactly how Anna died, the most common is that Anna took her own life by jumping from a third-floor window to the brick courtyard below due to her unrequited love for an English sailor who left her. 

Some have suggested that Anna was, in fact, pushed out the window by her husband-to-be, who had paid for Anna’s passage to Savannah and was angry that Anna pined for the sailor. We may never know exactly how Anna died or why she has decided to stay in room 204, but there are many accounts of her presence. 

Popstar Miley Cyrus famously stayed in room 204 with her mother, while filming a movie in the area. Miley’s @MileyCyrus Twitter account included a photograph with a caption stating, “Look what Ana did (ghost in room 204) My boots were put on top of my suitcase & left with a handprint while I was out.”

Anna is typically described as “friendly and mischievous,” and is known to rearrange guests’ personal items and sometimes, items have even been reported missing. A dark shadow is said to appear in the room (or at the foot of the bed!) and some guests have reported feeling Anna’s presence as she leans over them and strokes their cheek. 

It seems Anna wants to make her presence known to visitors! Because most of the tales suggest Anna was lovelorn at the time of her death, her spirit is known to especially visit couples staying in room 204. Whether she simply makes the lights flicker, unlocks the door or even something more drastic. Anna’s spirit is frequently felt even by non-believers! 

What Room 204 Visitors Have Said about Anna

Room 204 features a 4 post-king-sized bed, gas fireplace, television, and a private bathroom. But while the amenities are fairly straightforward for the inn, visits from Anna also can play a part of an overnight stay. 17hundred90 Inn gives each room a cheeky “do not disturb sign” with references to their ghosts but not every visitor experiences activity. 

Past room 204 guests have written about varied unexplained activity and paranormal encounters with Anna on the Inn’s Room 204 Journal, including: 

“Anna is here.” 

You can feel something here, if it is Anna, she is a peaceful spirit, at least for us.”

“Heard footsteps and floor creaking. Got touched and saw her shadow.”

There are accounts of Anna playing with children who have spent the night in the room. Toys moving about with no explanation may seem frightening but the truth is that many visitors opt to stay in room 204 on purpose with the hope of attracting Anna throughout their stay. 

Other accounts include the following: 

“On the fireplace mantel, there is a shrine to Anna. I woke to a tap on my solar plexes around 2:30 in the morning.” This person’s story includes the fact that they specifically chose to stay in room 204 to encounter Anna’s ghost and brought along their ghost hunting supplies. These guests were too tired to set up their tools and went to sleep. 

One visitor slept right through the paranormal activity but the other guest was awakened and then actually became frightened by the “two distinct knocks on the headboard.” If even a paranormal enthusiast can be surprised by a visit from Anna in the middle of the night, those who scare easily may not want to book room 204 for a night’s stay.

It’s important to note: If you’re thinking about planning a stay in the ghostly space of room 204, be prepared to sign a waiver acknowledging that you cannot get a refund should you decide to leave early, under any circumstances.

The inn’s front desk is only staffed from 8:30-10:30 daily so you need to be careful with your key so you aren’t locked out for the night. This also means there is no one to help you in the middle of the night if the ghostly hauntings become too much for you. There are also no emotional support animals allowed so you can’t rely on your pup’s protection. 

17Hundred90 Hauntings Outside Room 204

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At least three ghosts are thought to inhabit the property. If you’re not ready to brave the peaceful spirit of a heartbroken Anna by actually spending a night or two in room 204, the inn includes many other rooms plus guesthouse rooms to enjoy. 

You’ll be pleased to know paranormal activity is reported to be found throughout the 17Hundred90 property. With so many lives lost in Savannah, it would be foolish to think that Anna is the only inhabitant at the inn. While she is the most well-known, there are other spirits lurking around waited to be noticed. 

Thaddeus, the ghost of a young boy, is said to inhabit the ground floor of the Inn’s kitchen and tavern. Described as a friendly paranormal presence, Thaddeus makes himself known by leaving shiny pennies around for others to find throughout the property, on tables, the bar, the desk. Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck. Thanks, Thaddeus!

Also of note is the spirit of a long-dead head cook (who does not like women in the room) and is said to inhabit the kitchen and to be the less-friendly of the ghostly spirits haunting 17Hundren90. The head cook purportedly practiced voodoo

Many kitchen staff members have shared stories of many strange-and-unnerving occurrences, such as the sound of pots being thrown or banged together in an otherwise empty kitchen – even experiencing spice jars being thrown about. This sinister spirit is not like the kind and gentle Anna but nevertheless is present at 17hundred90.

Other ghostly narratives include account after account of pranks being played on women who work in the kitchen. For some reason, the kitchen ghost is not particularly fond of female kitchen visitors, staff and guests.  

Looking for a Ghostly Run-in? Try Checking out the 17Hundred90 Inn

The 17Hundred90 Inn & Restaurant might be a haunted restaurant and hotel, but it’s also a wonderful destination for Savannah visitors who appreciate historic ambiance with a dash of unexplained things that go bump in the night. 

Whether you’re a believer in resident ghosts or see yourself as a bit of a skeptic, the 17Hundred90 is well worth checking out y’all. In fact, the more skeptical you are the greater the likelihood of the ghost proving its presence to you. Many guests have said they have called out to Anna or the other spirits to no avail and wind up not “experiencing any unusual activity.”

It is most often the guests who aren’t expecting anything to happen a nice night’s stay at a historic and beautiful Savannah inn who say things like “We are not big into ghost stories… but when we got back the lamp was knocked over on the bed.” You never know what can happen when you spend a night in a haunted hotel! 

The best way to possibly encounter Anna is to stay a night at the inn but it is possible to feel her presence by simply visit the inn’s restaurant or walking by the hotel at night. Ghostly spirits are roaming the streets of Savannah so perhaps you’ll stop by when one of Thaddeus or Anna’s friends is visiting.  

Ghost tours are an excellent way of getting to see a city like Savannah from a new perspective. While you may or may not find yourself scared or even coming across an unknown spirit, learning about the ghostly history of a town is a great way to gain a new perspective that you may otherwise have missed out on. 

Stay on for a complete evening in the 17Hundred90’s picturesque historic district location, or make a reservation to simply enjoy dinner at the Inn’s wonderful restaurant and experience some haunted history firsthand. Even in death, some people just do not ever want to leave this enchanted place. You too may find yourself falling in love with Savannah and its spirits. 

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