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The Ghosts of San Antonio

San Antonio is a hotbed of haunted hotels, as well as theaters, hospitals, and many other buildings and locations. Thanks to The Battle of Alamo in February of 1836, there have been many ghostly sightings focused around the Alamo in the center of the city.

Many reports have surfaced of  the ghostly apparitions of army officials who fought for the independence of Texas from Mexico in that historic battle. There have also been reports of the figures of famous people, including one prolific president, in the buildings around this well-known haunted city.

The Menger Hotel Ghosts

This hotel is situated in the Alamo Plaza, right beside the Alamo, and so shares many of its haunted history. It is one of San Antonio’s most haunted places and was the scene of many strange occurrences, including a fire that ravaged the whole hotel. Therefore, it has gained the reputation of being the ‘Most haunted hotel in Texas’.

Many royalty, famous figures, and presidents have stayed at this hotel, and even one president has never left. Teddy Roosevelt is regularly seen in its halls and bar and has even caused one employee to quit after terrifying him so much he tried to break through a locked door.

There have been reports of it being so haunted, that there are upwards of 45 ghosts that reside in the hotel.

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The Crockett Hotel Ghosts

Nightly spirits - image 303 - 2

The Crockett hotel is situated adjacent to the Alamo, so again is haunted by the ghosts of The Battle of Alamo. Many of the Alamo Defenders can be seen and heard around the hotel, including the sounds of their horse’s hooves, and chanting too.

But the most haunted of all the rooms in the hotel are its offices. These overlook the hotel’s swimming pool and patio, and are said to be where General Santa Ana and his troops waited to breach the fortified walls of the Alamo.

The Alamo Ghosts

The most haunted place in San Antonio is the Alamo, the main site of The Battle of Alamo. It used to be called the Mission San Antonio de Valero when the city was under Mexican rule.

There were plans to tear it down, not long after Texan independence was achieved, but after people reported ghostly sightings of the old army marching up and down the path by the Alamo they were scrapped. Afterwards, it was made into the police headquarters and jail, but reports of the paranormal continued.

There was so much activity that many prisoners and staff who worked the night shift, reported moans so loud that they were woken up. Many of the guards started to refuse to work the night shift because there was so much ghostly activity occurring, and so the prison was forced to move into a different building.

Before the battle, the site was once the city’s cemetery, and once housed at least a thousand bodies under its soil. One of the most reported ghosts at the Alamo is of a little blond haired boy. If you want to see him, you have your best chance in the building’s gift shop, where he is mainly seen in the upper left window.

It is said that the boy was evacuated during the big battle, but due to his parents not doing the same, he visits the place where he last saw them. You can see him the most during the month of February, as that is when the battle occurred.

Over the years, the amount of paranormal disturbance has actually increased, not lessened. And there have been reports of people feeling depressed whilst walking through the building, and have started crying.

As well as the many haunted hotels, there are haunted railway tracks where people report feeling their cars being pushed up on the tracks. Urban legends are rife, including an apparition of a woman who drowned her children in one of the nearby lakes.

  You can learn more about the various hauntings in San Antonio by booking on to one of our ghost tours around the city. Find out more information by checking out our ghost tours pages on this site.

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