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4 Things to Think About When Planning a Scary Vacation with Your Family

Satiating your hunger for spooks and scares on your vacation

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Human beings are renowned for seeking out experiences and places that invoke a sense of dread or fear. We are addicted to the next scariest horror movie, faster and more terrifying roller coasters, daredevil stunts, and sports, and venturing far and wide to find haunted attractions and locations.

Even though fear can sometimes upset us, allowing ourselves to feel scared and overly surprised can be a perfect break for our brains Numerous psychological studies have shown that when we experience fear the brain produces enormous amounts of chemicals that make us feel excited and can leave a long lasting high. Chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin fill our minds in an instant and send us into an exhilarating journey of panic and joy.

Naturally, when planning a family vacation to take time away from the everyday routine of life it would be a good idea to consider capitalizing on the human brain’s insatiable appetite for frights and excitement. When planning a family vacation encompassing the various forms of scary entertainment and blood-curdling adventures there are some fun and easy travel plans to make that ensure a wonderfully frightening trip for the whole family!

Where to go on your spooky vacation?

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The first hurdle when choosing the perfect location for your next spooky family vacation is the location. Picking the perfect location can be a complicated decision. However, there are several key factors to work out that will ensure you determine the right spot for the perfect scary vacation!

To begin, think long and hard about what sorts of spooky activities, places, and destinations would be the most thrilling for the whole family. You want to narrow it down to a few things that everyone attending the adventure would enjoy.

Due to the worldwide fascination with fear, there is an abundance of unique and exciting places that offer spooky and frightening attractions and experiences!

There are hundreds of abandoned and run-down settlements and towns, better known as “ghost towns”, scattered across the United States. Locals report strange sightings of the area’s previous inhabitants and are most often run by historical and paranormal societies that offer guided tours of the areas to show off the rich history as well as its creepy side.

Even though the United States is a relatively young nation, it has a rich history with many of its inhabited cities and booming areas teeming with spooky tales from the past. Some of the larger and older cities will be filled to the brim with accounts of strange and frightening events, often with tours and attractions to go with the chilling atmosphere.

Within the hotspots of frightful activity, there are several different types of attractions to amuse and terrify even the most seasoned spook searchers. From festivals to tours to amusement parks there are often dozens of scary activities to see and do without hiking around looking for frights!

The horror and thriller movie industry has been incredibly active in recent decades and studios are rushing to pump out the next scariest, most blood-curdling film to frighten and excite their audience! Many studios band together to form film festivals that are curated to please the masses by exploring the newest addition to the horror legacy!

Particularly on the Golden Coast of the U.S., there are hundreds of small and larger amusement parks that specialize in turning themselves into a dark wonderland around Halloween and sometimes keep some of their spookier attractions up all year long to attract fright seeking fanatics!

Visiting one of these curated horror theme parks makes choosing the location for the next big family trip even easier because they are often paired with a hotel or resort to accommodate your family’s needs while you enjoy the haunts!

Another recent trend is the creative and often hair-raising escape rooms that have begun popping up in cities to swerve as a fun-filled yet terrifying firsthand experience of frights and puzzles! Escape rooms often have a horror theme and focus on forcing participants to hurry and break out of a designated location before it is too late!

With no shortage of exciting and scary activities and places to choose from, there are plenty of options for everyone, and your next horrifyingly exciting family vacation is sure to be a hit with the whole gang!

When is the best time for you to go on a scary vaction?

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One of the most important things to think about when getting ready to take off on your hair-raising family adventure is the time of year you are planning on departing. Travel can be complicated and depending on where you are going it can be even more difficult.

Called “peak season” in the industry, different parts of the country and the world are more popular to travel to one time of the year as opposed to another. This means that it can be more difficult to find flights or transportation and accommodation once you get there.

There is a simple way to avoid these issues, and it is doing a little bit of research before you settle on when to travel.

First, settle on where you want to go. One of the problems that you will encounter when looking for your next spooky vacation location is that a lot of the scary attractions and activities are seasonal, usually only open during and around the time of Halloween.

Check the dates of all the spooky places and activities you want to see and then look at the county or city they are located in. Pull up the peak season for that location and try to visit when there will not be a ton of traveling activity. This way traveling costs and accommodations will be less expensive and you will have more to spend on satisfying your craving for spooks.

For maximum haunts and scary activities, it would be best to consider traveling during the month of October and as close to Halloween as possible because whenever you go the whole area will be teeming with ghouls and terrifying experiences!

Who is coming with you on your frightening vacation

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As important as it is for the whole family to take time off from the everyday monotonous drone of life and have some hair-raising fun, it is even more crucial that you curate the trip to fit the desires and needs of everyone involved.

Start by making a guest list and account for everyone who is coming and their age. Everyone enjoys a little scary fun now and again, but you must be extra careful with dealing with certain age groups.

Planning an exciting and appropriate scary vacation for the family can be a little complicated when evaluating everyone’s tolerance to spooks. Think carefully about what everyone in the group can handle and would enjoy and then plan accordingly.

Taking into consideration the ages of all the participants and sticking to activities that will be fun and appropriate for everyone involved is sure to guarantee that the entire family will have an enjoyable and spooky fun-filled adventure!

How much will your spooky vacation cost?

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Money makes the world go round, and when planning the perfect scary vacation for you and your family it is crucial to take into consideration the budget.

The word budget can be a bit of killjoy when discussing a fun-filled trip, but when you have a good idea of how much you must spend and how that works in with the itinerary, you can simplify planning your spooky expedition and ensure that you get the most out of your fright-filled time and come home without draining your bank account!

Sit down with all the adults involved and decide on an appropriate budget for your creepy adventure. Stick to this budget so you can enjoy your time without breaking the bank!

Once you have settled on the budget, activities, and travel accommodations, check the prices on everything and add it all up to get your total. There are plenty of useful tips and tricks online to cut the price of your perfect scary vacation without sacrificing any fun!

Sticking to your budget while fitting in a lifetime worth of spooky fun will ensure that you and your entire family will have a wonderful scary time while sparing your finances!

The solution to all your scary needs

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With the overabundance of spooky and fun-filled activities to choose from, it can be nearly impossible to find the perfect scary location to satiate your hunger for horror and enjoyable experiences! Luckily, there is a perfect solution for all your terrifying problems!

Located in Southern California the city of Temecula is renowned for its beautiful scenery, historic downtown, and its ghouls and haunts! Temecula has a bounty of terrifyingly amazing attractions and activities that are sure to have your whole family screaming with delight!

During the spookiest time of the year, Temecula is teeming with experiences and activities for the whole family to gorge themselves on the absolute best of horror and frights! There are many different and exciting things to choose from all in and around the city!

Several unique and quaint pumpkin patches pop up all over the town and surrounding area that are filled to the brim with colorful gourds and terrifyingly wonderful activities for all ages!

Hidden around the city are a multitude of creative and challenging escape rooms that offer a first-person experience for some real-life scary adventures! Each escape room has its own theme and objective, with a wide range of puzzles and challenges for children and adults alike!

Combining history and horror

While pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and escape rooms can provide hours of spooky enjoyment for the whole family, Temecula offers an exclusive way for visitors to satellite their hunger for scary entertainment and experience the culture of Southern California and their historic downtown.

Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours offers unique and engaging tours in the city’s sprawling vineyards and city as well as wine tasting for the more mature audiences! Enjoy their history and mystery of historic downtown Temecula as well as the beautiful countryside while sampling their delicious beverages!

As well as offering round the year tours for every season, Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours offers a special haunted ghost tour to show off the dark side of the sunny Southern California city.

Take a trip in one of their famous cable cars and journey through the city, searching for the ghouls and ghosts that are reported to inhabit the area!

Get a blast from the past and travel back in time to the wild west beginnings of Temecula and discover the pioneers that build the city from the ground up and some of the creepier beginnings of the quaint town!

Bring the whole family along for the ride on a spooky adventure as you deep dive into the history and mystery of the town with local experts who will take you on a wild course through several of the oldest surviving sites of Temecula and some of the most paranormally active areas!

Perfect for all ages the Nightly Spirits Haunted Cable Car Tour offered by Temecula Cable Car Wine Tours is a sure-fire way to scare the pants off the entire family and leave you with spooky tales of the past to bring home!

Wrapping it up

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Everyone enjoys a little fright every now and again and turning a family vacation into an excuse to capitalize on our natural attraction to terrifyingly wonderful expeditions is the perfect way to get you and your family on your feet and trying new things!

Planning the perfect scary vacation for you and your family can be a daunting task, but with the abundance of spooky places and activities to experience, as well as curated tours nestled in Temecula, CA, there is no reason to sit at home bored and fright-less when you can experience the absolute best that fear has to offer and make your way to the spooky family vacation of your dreams!

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