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Top Ten Washington DC Tours

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Top 10 Tours in Washington D.C. That You Don’t Want to Miss

Our nation’s capital is full of so many amazing landmarks that it can be hard to fit it all in during one visit.  Between museums, memorials, monuments and buildings, there is a lot to try to see.  Taking a tour will get you to all of the must-see locations in Washington D.C., while teaching you about the city and its history.

  1. Washington D.C. Duck Tour

This is a really fun way to start your Washington D.C. trip.  This quick (90-minute) tour will give you an introduction to the city and some of its most famous landmarks.  The tour takes place on a unique duck boat that goes on both land and sea.  Starting at Union Station, you’ll go past the National Mall, Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol.  Then take to the Potomac River and see the sites from there.  It leaves you plenty of time to fit another activity in the same day.

  1. Washington D.C. Segway Tour

Washington D.C. involves a lot of walking.  Give your legs a break and take a guided Segway tour that will get you to see more than 25 famous landmarks, such as the White House, FBI Building, Capitol Building, and Lincoln Memorial.  The tour lasts about two hours, so you have time to do some exploring on your own.

  1. Nightly Spirits Ghost Tour

D.C. tours don’t only happen during the day.  Take a different kind of tour and discover all of the creepiness that our nation’s capital has to offer.  Nightly Spirits takes you on a journey to historic and haunted locations and pubs throughout the city.  These popular Alexandria and Washington D.C. ghost tours have been featured in the Washington Post, XM Radio, CBS News, The Travel Channel and US Airways Magazine.  Check out the haunted pub crawl as you make your way to the White House.

  1. African American History Tour

Those that are in D.C. to brush up on their American history will love this information-filled tour about the history of African Americans in this country. The tour visits well-known locations such as the Frederick Douglass house, the MLK Memorial, the African American Civil War Memorial and more.  The tour also includes a ticket to tour the Museum of African American History and Culture.   Tip:  Tickets to the museum can be difficult to get so this is a way to guarantee admission if you really want to be able to visit it.

  1. Full Day D.C. Tour

This “Best of D.C” tour enables you to get to some of the most popular attractions in Washington D.C. as an insider.  It includes entry into the Unites States Capitol Building, which is home to Congress.  You’ll also go to the National Archives Building where the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution are on display.  The tour also includes lunch at L’Enfant Plaza.  During the months of March to October, enjoy a cruise down the Potomac River as part of it as well.

  1. Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour

For those who would like to tour on their own, the Hop On, Hop Off Bus allows you to jump on and off at any designated stops, as many times as you want.  You get off at the destinations that you want to explore, and when you are done, get on the next bus to go to the next destination.  It gives you the flexibility to explore the city on your terms with no set agenda.   You can purchase tickets for an entire day, or two days, so you are not rushed.

  1. D.C. at Dusk Tour

If you are done with walking for the day, take a ride on a luxury coach bus past major memorials and monuments that are flooded with light.  This tour will show you why D.C. is considered one of the most beautiful cities when the sun goes down.  Each stop along the tour will provide you with information so you are getting insight into the city as well as taking in the sites.

  1. Dinner Cruise

The Spirit of Washington offers an opportunity to cruise around the city on the Potomac River.  The company is known for its excellent service, so you’ll be getting the best experience the entire night.  The tour includes a dinner buffet, drinks, and a DJ, dance floor, and games.  You can also purchase creative cocktails, wine, and beer while on board.   You’ll get amazing views of major landmarks, such as the Washington Monument, National Harbor, and Old Town Alexandria from the water.  This tour is not available during winter months.

  1. E-Bike Tour

If you have not ridden an e-bike, here is your chance to do so.  The Monumental Electric Bike Tour takes you through the National Mall and Tidal Basin.  It spans 9-10 miles so you’ll get to see a lot of the city during this tour.  Major sites include the Smithsonian Museums, U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument, and many of the memorials.   The Trek Verve+ bikes are easy to ride and since they are electric, more sightseeing with less pedaling.

  1. Smithsonian National Museum Tour

With 19 museums, the Smithsonian Institution is one of the most famous collections of museums in the U.S. This guided tour takes you through one of the most popular museums in the country.  A professional guide will provide you with interesting information about the exhibits that you might not get on your own.   You’ll get facts about wildlife and artifacts as you tour in a small group.  The tour makes the most of your time in the museum by highlighting all that is important.

Washington D.C. has so many locations that are full of history.  A tour will make the most of your time in the city and ensure that you see the most important sites whiles you are there.

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