Our Least favorite haunted page.

Well first thanks for taking a tour with us! Now, for the not so pleasant part…. Sometimes we mess up and if you tell anyone else, we will deny it, but we do whiff on a tour occasionally. We like to think that the majority of the thousands of tours a year go off great and people make new friends for the night or life. However, we know that sometimes the group dynamic doesn’t flow well or worse yet your tour guide had a few too many liquid courage shots before they found you. Either way, we hope you will let us know by sending us a message and giving us a shot to make it right before putting us on blast.

Now, we will try to respond to this form within 1-2 business days. However, a couple things to consider before telling us how much we sucked.

Top Complaints

  1. We don’t set the prices for drinks. In states that we can negotiate special pricing we do as much as we can or have special drinks. We also do not receive any kick backs of any kind from any bar. Unfortunately, we can’t help where the spirits call home.
  2. Service at the bars. We try really hard to make sure bars are adequately staffed for our tours and give them all lists of how many people are coming every night. Sometimes, they have issues just like us and if our guides could serve, we’d have them slinging stories and drinks at the same time.
  3. Too Much Boos! or Too much Booze! We try really hard to balance every tour to be a mix of each. We try to let our guides read the crowd to make sure they cater to what most of the tour is feeling. If you were the only couple not drinking on the tour and ended up with a bachelorette party, please fill out the form and lets see if we can work out getting you on another tour with more of your type of group.
  4. Tour guide or stories sucked! This is a problem, please let us know what happened and if you can remember the guides name, that is really helpful.
  5. The tour guide left you. In the event this happened we apologize if it was our fault. However, before you submit this form understand we will check with the guide, other patrons, and the bar to see what happened. The bar staff and tour guides are trained to look for everyone and we do a really good job of finding people, heck we found ghosts. However, if you were in the back alley we probably didn’t look there or under the tables.
  6. Tour not what was expected. Can you read the tour description and the FAQ’s section real quick. A lot of times we find that people booked this from somewhere else or just because a friend told them and had a miserable time. Before you complain to us that it wasn’t what you expected, i.e. you don’t drink and thought there wasn’t down time when others did drink, you brought someone under 21 and they couldn’t get in, or better yet the guide was drinking and you were appalled(check the FAQs). There isn’t going to be much we can do for you here. I mean would you really want to go again??

Ok, sorry we know that was a lot of info, but now please proceed with form! Also, if you are still pissed after reading this and didn’t find any of this funny and just even more offensive, go ahead and get on yelp and let us know. We only try to make things right with people that are reasonable and understanding. Also, if you already left us a 1 star review and we read it, chances are we already missed the boat on making it right.

Complaint Form

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