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About Nightly Spirits

Why choose Nightly Spirits as your ghost tour experience?

Nightly Spirits has been voted as a best tour in the country for several years and we could go on and on about all the awards we have won, 2018 tour of the year; multiple years certificate of excellence by Tripadvisor, hundred and hundreds of 5 star reviews, but those just validate why we have been tourists top choice for ghost tours across the country.

The reason we have become the best ghost tour in the country is our guides. We do an extensive amount of training compared to other companies and they provide an experience as good as when our owner did every tour. We are a small company that provides a big experience. Most people think we are a corporate type of experience, but we are very personal. We tour more than 30,000 people a year across the country with 3 people that answer every email, every phone call, and approximately 100 guides that are trained by the 3 people that started as tour guides. So, the experience you receive from our customer support to start is exactly what you end up with on a tour. Our guides have some of the most experience in the industry and we have an extremely low turnover rate, including still employing the very first guide we ever hired in Washington DC.

So, how do we create the best ghost tour experience? We start with our full time ghost hunter. When we open a city and continuously in each city as we operate, she goes around and ghost hunts for us. We then take her experiences and mix them with history from the area and historical ghost stories. We then serve it in rain, sun, snow, and moonlight with a side of cold beverages. It’s the way we started and the way we have found we can have the most appeal to the die hard ghost fan down to the die hard beer drinker. We know if you choose us for your ghost tour experience, you will have an excellent time. Now, if you need more of a reason or are on the fence, check out our testimonials.

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